June 19, 2024
Christmas décor on Christams tree

Basic Christmas Ornaments for Every Home

For some people, it is a really big deal to plan for the Christmas holidays. Many of them celebrate the season by decking their homes in the most festive Miravila Christmas ornaments they can find. From garlands, to lights, mistletoes, Santa Clauses, reindeers, nativity scene, to snowmen, there are really endless choices when it comes to Christmas motifs.  

Here is a short list of the most basic Christmas décor pieces that every home should have:

1. Christmas Tree

Christmas will never be complete without putting up your family Christmas tree! It doesn’t matter what your tree’s size might be because this is something that you need to fill up with ornaments, trinkets and gifts underneath.  

Christmas décor on Christams tree
Christmas tree decorated with Christmas décor

2. Christmas Tree Ornaments

What is even more fun than having a Christmas tree? Hanging ornaments on it, of course! Sip your favorite wine and play some Christmas songs in the background while adding your Christmas ornaments to your tree. 

Impress everyone with these easy DIY Christmas ornaments that take 5 minutes to do.

3. Christmas Wreath

 Another equally important aspect of Christmas decorating plans is none other than the Christmas wreath. Wreaths are those gorgeous circular decorations you can use to dress up not only your front door but even the rest of the doors inside your home. 

Christmas décor - Christmas Wreath
Christmas wreath at the front door

4. Mini Tree

While evergreen trees are among the must-have Christmas décor pieces, it is not that practical to put a big one in all rooms of the house. This is why it is always a great idea to buy a few mini evergreen trees you can spread around your home. These mini trees are Christmas ornaments that can add some cheer to rooms that might not be Christmas central. 

5. Nativity Scene

Christmas, at the day, is a religious holiday with the original purpose of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. If you are religious and you want to keep Christmas’ true meaning alive in your house, a nativity scene is definitely a must. 

6. Reindeers 

Santa can’t do all the work on his own so he needs his to pull his sleigh so he can deliver gifts all over the world. Never let Santa be alone and buy several of his reindeer companions. 

7. Santa Claus Figure

 All homes should definitely have at least a single figure of Santa Claus. For kids, Santa Claus is the central figure during Christmas holidays, making his figures some of the most important Christmas ornaments. 

8. Stockings with Stocking Hooks

One tradition that is as old as time is hanging stockings on your fireplace mantel right before Christmas. Children look forward to waking up on Christmas day to check those small goodies inside their stockings. It is a wonderful tradition to cherish, so don’t forget to put up some stockings.  

9. Tree Skirt

 A tree skirt is also needed for wrapping around your Christmas tree’s base. The skirt also holds all the Christmas gifts so you don’t a too fancy one. Tree skirts will also catching those tiny pine needles falling from your tree. 

10. Tree Topper

A tree topper rounds out the list of Christmas ornaments. This is the object sitting on the tree’s tallest branch to finish of its look. Stars and angels are the most popular and common tree toppers.

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