September 23, 2023


GoLYTELY (polyethylene glycol electrolyte solution) is a prescription medicine used to cleanse the colon before carrying out a barium X-ray examination, colonoscopy or any other intestinal procedure. It is a laxative solution which increases the volume of water present in the intestinal tract so as to stimulate bowel movement.

GoLYTELY cleanses the colon by inducing diarrhea. The medication contains sodium, potassium, and other minerals that will replace the electrolytes that leave the body through the stool. Cleaning the colon helps the healthcare provider to more clearly see the interior of the colon during a colonoscopy.

GoLYTELY should not be used if have any of the following medical conditions

  • an allergy to any of the components of GoLYTELY.
  • a blockage in your bowel
  • a very dilated intestine
  • problems with fluid and food emptying from the stomach
  • an opening in the wall of the intestine or stomach

GoLYTELY could cause life threatening or dangerous side effects in persons having these conditions.

Persons with eating disorders such as bullimia or anorexia should not make use of this medication without prior consultation with a doctor.

Before taking GoLYTELY, inform your healthcare service provide if you:

  • have kidney problems
  • have heart problems
  • have a low salt level in the blood
  • have stomach or bowel problems
  • are breastfeeding or intend to breastfeed. It is not yet known whether GoLYTELY is harmful to unborn babies. Consult your doctor if you plan to become pregnant or are pregnant already
  • have a history of seizures
  • have problems with gastric reflux or swallowing
  • any other medical condition

It has not been proven whether or not GoLYTELY passes into the breast milk or whether or not it has the capability to harm a nursing baby. Consult your doctor if you are breast feeding a baby. Inform your health care provider about every medication which you take. This includes vitamins, prescription and non-prescription drugs, and herbal supplements.

The efficacy of other medicines may be affected by GoLYTELY. Medicines taken through the mouth may not be properly absorbed when taken within an hour before the beginning of GoLYTELY.

Also notify your healthcare provider if you take any of the following:

  • laxatives
  • medicines for heart problems or blood pressure
  • non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines
  • medicine or kidney problem
  • water pills
  • medicine for seizure


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