June 13, 2024

Best wines for barbecue

Are you planning a barbeque party? Would you like to know what wines will go best with your favourite skewers? Summertime is barbeque time indeed. Below are the top barbeque wines to serve your eager guests:

1. La Grille Pinot Noir
Just from the name of this wine itself, you’ll know that it is especially made for barbecues. This French wine tastes soft and fresh, with a hint of chocolate and blackberries. It is highly recommended for pork sausages and grilled chops.

2. Zinfandels
If you’re looking for a wine that is not meat-specific, then try this brand. Zinfandels is perfect for all red meat variants. As a tasty red wine, it can belly up the meaty and the smoky flavours of beef, pork, and lamb. It also meshes well with your barbecue dips, salsas, and steak sauce.

3. Shooting Star
The complete name of this wine is No. 1 Family Estate Shooting Star. Imported from Marlborough, New Zealand, this variant belongs to a family of French Champagne. It is a rather citrus wine made from the grape variant called Sauvignon Blanc. You’ll love its clean, crisp, and tropical fruit flavour.

4. Tesco Valpolicella
If you love blackcurrant, you’ll definitely love this Italian wine. It is fairly light and tasty, with touches of cherry and plum. This wine is most recommended if you’re tossing some lamb cuts on the grill.

5. Merlot
This fresh-tasting wine will add not just spice into your barbecue fun but a good finish to your spicy sauces as well. This fruit-flavoured wine will work perfectly with chicken and pork chops. Even the salads and the veggies on the skewers will respond well to it.

6. Mumm Napa Cuvee M Red
This sparkling red wine made from the orchard of Napa Valley, California will add that lacking flair of sweetness into your summer barbecue fun. You’ll delight in its red fruit flavour that is distinctively tasty.

Those are our top suggestions. Try them next time you visit your favorite barbecue restaurant.

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