June 24, 2024

Wine In The Middle Ages

Gradually at the majority of wine makers increased experience and knowledge that helped them to understand the wine industry better that you will not tell about wine consumers. What here wine restaurants… The Life in the Middle Ages was rough, rigid, short and melancholy. Stress removed in usual taverns, it was some kind of runaway from realities of everyday life and limitation of the estate. As marks Luebeck, “in 1476 of the wife of patricians of Luebeck went in the evening under a dense veil in wine cellars (so then named wine restaurants) to satisfy the desires, remaining thus not learnt”. Alas…

In due time the big progress in branch of manufacture of glass has helped mankind to pass gradually from wine casks to empties. On tables at wine restaurants (taverns) of that time the present glass wine bottles began to appear. At first the bottle did not shine with beauty: The unsightly muddy thick-walled vessel entered into use in the Near East and in the North Africa not later than VI century, in due course bottle was considerably it is improved thanks to diligence of glaziers of the Italian cities of Faentsy and Urbino.

Somewhere in XVII century, after the invention of a wine stopper, the bottle has reached the perfection of that time. Seamen in the north of France, for example, liked to drink wine from bottles with a long neck. It spoke also that such bottles was sometimes very convenient to fight in port taverns. I sometimes regret that at modern wine restaurants of the USA no such tradition.

Besides, it was found out what to store wine in bottles much more reliably, than in wine casks. Aroma of wine from a bottle also differs from aroma of a wine from the wood. Originally wine stoppers were filled in with wax or organic pitch which the manufacturer of wine or its owner set the seal. Certainly, simultaneously with the invention a stopper it was necessary to invent also a corkscrew.

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