December 2, 2023

Turning A Passion Into A Career

The internet has helped revolutionize the music industry. In 2019 alone, the US recorded music business recorded revenues of about $11.4 billion worldwide. This figure was the highest ever recorded streaming revenue earned, and it was more than four times higher than the $2.8 billion figure generated in 2015. With streaming revenues accounting for over 56 percent of total global recorded music earnings, key players in the music industry, including music producers, have shifted their focus.

West Coast Hip-hop producer Antbeatz is among the new generation of music producers tapping on the boundless opportunities created by the global reach of the online music scene. The Fresno-based producer now makes a living selling music beats online.

Always surrounded by music when growing up, Antbeatz started making beats at 15. Realizing his passion for music, Antbeatz turned his music hobby into a career in 2012 when he signed to Defiant Entertainment/ Grand Hustle Ent. Later, he started his own music production business, Antbeatz LLC, selling tens of thousands of beat licenses to artists and labels worldwide.

His work has so far attracted nearly 100 million views. The legendary music producer has worked with E-40, Lil Mosey, Saviii 3rd, Devour, Mozzy, Mike Sherm, Lil Sheik, Shootergang Kony, SOB x RBE, ALLBLACK, Zaybang, ComptonassTG, Philthy Rich, Mistah Fab, Lil 2z, MBNel, J. Stalin, Nef The Pharoah, Young Drummer Boy, Quadeca, OMB Peezy, D-Lo, Joe Moses among other.

Antbeatz’s list of accomplishments in selling beats online has been due to the growing popularity among rappers to use the virtual A&R for their production needs. Beat-leasing is quick and cost-effective to rappers as they can purchase high-quality rap music instrumental beats for as low as $50. While the beats can be released to other artists for the same price, artists also have the option of acquiring its exclusive rights through a premium package starting at $5000. Other premium options include the trackout lease and the unlimited lease, and these premium features make beat leasing a unique way of making money online.

Music producer entrepreneurs selling beats online allow artists to sift through a beats collection online swiftly. Beat leasing is a more efficient way of making music. It eliminates the waiting processes rappers had to endure as an A&R booked studio sessions with a music producer. Now, an artist can listen through a collection of beat samples, find the beat style that suits them, make the purchase, proceed to record the vocals, and release it within hours. Not only have music producers like Antbeatz revolutionized the music scene, but they are also making a living by selling music instrumentals online.

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