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Tomatillo allergy

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There are some plants in our environment which causes a lot many health issues varying from individual to individual, thus is being advised to individuals to stay away from these plants. Such plants are supposed to cause a lot many allergic as well as other health issues in humans as well plants. These types of plants are often referred to as nightshade plants.

One such nightshade plant is the tomatillo plant. This is the plant that is considered to be highly incompatible and even peptic and thus is the cause of lot many issues. Tomato belongs to a family of nightshade plants which includes many other plants such as the tobacco plant, eggplant and many more. These all are considered to be deadly plants. Thus tomatillo allergy supposed to be very harmful to humans as it leads to a lot many health and skin allergy issues in humans. The symptoms of this allergy are not very common as compared to other allergic diseases. Not only humans but even animals are kept away from this plant because of the toxic substances that this plant releases in the environment. This plant is the root cause of the most common allergic problem that is known as the tomatillo allergy. Tomatillo allergy is generally caused due to the toxic substances that are often present in the seed, and juice of tomato.

Tomatillo allergy symptoms are not very different, but it causes some very common initial issues that we humans sometimes ignore. These are itching, skin rashes, pain in the body, swelling on and around the mouth and even problem in breathing and many more. This allergy is not only caused due to the direct intake of tomato, but can even be caused if you take anything that has tomato in it. These symptoms although are very common, but sometimes can be a cause of a very severe allergic diseases. Sometimes you can even feel pain chest or lips tingling.

Tomatillo allergy is very rarely seen, but next time if you encounter any of the above noted symptoms after the consumption of tomato or even product or food containing tomato, directly consult a doctor for a better treatment of yours. Don’t take risk with your health as it can b a cause of greater problems in the near future.

Stay fit..Stay healthy..!!!

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