June 19, 2024

Three day rule

The first thing you are likely to notice after visiting ThreeDayRule or TDR is its elegant design. One of the most unique dating websites of the industry, the establishment is managed by a team of professional matchmakers who are highly trained. With Los Angeles being the headquarters, TDR boasts of having a team consisting of members who were educated in schools like Harvard, NYU etc. and held jobs previously in companies such as Google, Microsoft etc.

Interestingly, unlike other dating sites, you cannot just create a profile and start searching for potential mates within minutes. Instead, in this website, you have to submit online request for consideration. If, after reviewing your details, the website team decides to include you as a member, then you are set to go. The beauty of this site is that it is highly personalized and genuine. There is not even the possibility of encountering fake profiles. In fact, when you take any membership, you are given a dedicated matchmaker, who is responsible for matching you with suitable members of the opposite sex.

At present, the site operates only in a handful of regions of the USA; however, it is quickly expanding its reach. Although the name may confuse some people into thinking that this site is about three day dating, actually it is the opposite. The team behind ThreeDayRule believes that dating or love should not be constrained by petty rules. In fact, the site highly encourages its members to date without following any of those stupid rules and tricks that take nobody anywhere.

As mentioned before, the highlight of this website is its human touch. You get to interact with your matchmaker, let her know what your preferences are, and bond with her in the process. The whole process is like forming a genuine, rewarding, professional, yet personal, relationship with your matchmaker. After understanding what you are after, your matchmaker is going to find singles who meet all your expectations. Your matchmaker is going to meet your dates personally before introducing you to them, which is a very good thing. In addition to that, the site is technologically very advanced, especially because of the presence of facial recognition feature.

Frankly, you do not get many other matchmaking sites in which past employees of Fortune 500 companies are involved. That alone says a lot about the quality of TDR. Although quite new, it is legitimately one of the greatest dating sites on earth.

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