June 19, 2024

Terry Ritchie on Unraveling Cross-Border Financial Planning

Snap Projections, a financial planning software company, recently featured Cardinal Point’s Partner and Director of Cross Border Wealth Services, Terry Ritchie, on their Growing Your Financial Advisory Practice podcast. Given Terry’s more than 30 years of experience in cross-border financial, investment, tax, and estate planning, it’s no surprise that Snap Projections chose to tap into his insight for this primer directed at financial planners who want to serve US-Canada clients.

From the factors driving clients to move between Canada and the US (hint: politics, healthcare, family, and lifestyle all play a role) to the intricacies of visas, green cards, and US income tax, the podcast highlights Terry’s wealth of knowledge and passion for cross-border work.

Here’s everything discussed in the one-hour episode:

  • Why people move between Canada and the US.
  • Why Terry thinks cross-border work matters.
  • What you MUST know about visas and green cards.
  • Important elements of US income tax.
  • Limitations on Canadians who invest in the US.
  • Estate planning for cross-border clients.
  • The biggest cross-border planning mistake advisors make.
  • How to grow a financial planning career you really love.

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