July 25, 2024

Tattoo and body scars

Tattoo and body scars are not just scars left behind by getting tattoos removed or scars gained through misadventure. Quite often they refer to a specific style of modification of the body, but in many cases these are not meant for everyone to see, except in the company of friends and loved ones. The reality is though that removal of tattoos and piercings are good ways to get yourself scars – puncture holes from the piercings and burn scars from the tattoos, some people are really into this as a way of decorating their bodies. This process is called scarification.

Scarification for the purpose of creating a tattoo, body scar or other type of bodily decoration, which can include human brands, uses the technique of cutting superficially, etching or scratching varied words, pictures and designs permanently into a person’s skin. In essence, scars from because of the branding or cutting of the skin. Usually the effects on darker skinned people is much more dramatic than with fairer skinned people. In fact, some do this for the additional feeling of getting naturally high, a euphoric type of state triggered by the brain releasing endorphins to help assist with the agonizing pain. But why would someone do this? There are social, lifestyle, religious and aesthetic reasons. Some evidence shows that such modification is Celtic also, but regardless of what the reasons or origins, infection risks are lower because tattoo ink is not used. However, scarification is far from being precise as the outcomes are really unpredictable due to how the wounds heal, the depth cut into, the type of skin and the method used. In the case of the branding means of getting tattoo and body scars, these have been done for thousands of years, once as a means of marking human possessions such as slaves and things, though today these are more about lifestyles.

Tattoo and body scars can be very beautiful when done by an expert under sanitary conditions and with the right after care. Though everyone is different, these accepted forms of body modifications and wanton scarring is growing in popularity, especially amongst varied groups. With the advent of more people going back to their Celtic roots, the traditions are being resurrected with these scarring types as a means of cultural identification and decoration.


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