April 24, 2024

Surgery scars

Surgery scars are not necessarily going to be horrible, make you look bad or make others avoid you. Most surgical procedures produce scars, though not all of them are visible or even bad. What you might heal with might not be the same for another person undergoing the same procedure. Additionally, surgeons, experienced or just new to the job are highly trained to care for wounds before, during and after surgery with such strictness that it is very regemenatated as they cannot afford to be responsible for complications, malpractice or worse, the death of a patient. No doubt an experienced surgeon has better skills, a wise hand and the ability to do surgical procedures in their sleep and at a fast pace, but young surgeons may well lack the experience, though they are never allowed to operate on people without either supervision by an experienced surgeon in the their early doctor years or if they have not been properly trained to do so. Incisions vary as well, making it impossible to govern or prevent some scarring, even more serious scars.

You might be one of those people who is more at risk of getting surgical scars. You might be not as young as you once were, your body showing its age and you life’s stresses really having had a toll on you. You may be one of those lucky people with olive or dark skin. Family members may have a bit of a history of scarring? The operation that you are due to have may involve deep or long incisions. Your health may make it harder for your body to heal from injuries and damage, or you may be a smoker or lover of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. Your weight might be a bit over what it should be and your diet might be part of the reason why. You may exhausted from life in general, lacking energy, or suffer from a long-term illness. If this describes you in anyway, you are not alone in being in the higher risk group.

Regardless of whether you are at risk of getting worse surgery scars than others, usually your scars will depend on who does the surgery, your care and how you take care of yourself. You may get one of three types of surgical scars that may make your burden years down the road frustrating – keloid scars, hypertrophic scars and/or contracture scars. However, regardless, surgery scars are unavoidable, so working closely with your surgeon for better results is the only way to reduce their impact.


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