June 24, 2024

Rencontre sportive


Previously known as Elfetc, and now as RencontreSportive, this platform is not your regular dating platform. The website promotes dating, sure; but with a twist. It has an interface which allows people who are interested in different sports to show their passion to the world. The site, launched in the spring of 2002, is pretty direct in that regard, and it targets the French population.

The beauty of this site is that no matter what type of sport you are interested in, as long as the sport is a bit adventurous, you will get plenty of others who will be passionate about the same. For instance, there are thousands of members who love skating, and many who love camping. There are others who are crazy about swimming, hiking, canoeing and many other sports. This website is not about finding matches using superficial information, instead, it is about finding sports partners with whom you can have the time of your life. Currently, the site has nearly 25,000 males, and about the same females.

In terms of features offered, this site is not very packed. Still, there is enough to get by, however. You can browse classified ads, explore different profiles of the members, read articles related to dating or holidays in general, and do some other fun stuff. Even though not the most feature-oriented site in France, it still does a good job of keeping the users occupied. RencontreSportive, for the most part, is a significantly enjoyable platform for those who are looking for fun, friendly and understanding sport mates.

In order to become a member, you have to complete a registration process – a standard practice implemented by all dating sites. The process is very easy to follow, and does not engulf a significant chunk of your time. You can quickly complete some quick details, and start using the site to meet other members. There is a member search option too, which is very versatile. You can set many different preferences. Also, you can either search from among all the members, or from among only the males or the females.

This platform is not really a dating platform in a true sense. People use it to find travel mates, friends, activity partners and many different types of relations. Whatever that may be, one thing is certain – it sure can be a lot of fun if you know how to tap into its immense potential.

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