December 5, 2023

Reasons to Purchase Foreign Real Estate, Croatia

Croatia, it seems quite away from the beaten European path but is more popular than you think. When it comes to people migrating and purchasing real estate, Croatia is fast becoming a popular place to do so and there are several reasons why.

Croatia is a young country which split from Yugoslavia back in 1991. It’s had a tumultuous history but is now a bustling tourist destination with a steadily growing economy, thanks to a good atmosphere for foreign investment. Those investments include real estate. Croatia property prices are quite affordable to foreigners who actively seek the option to migrate or retire in foreign soil. With that, there are few restrictions for foreigners to purchase land, with the choice of urban or majestic rural properties, including some on several hundreds of its islands.

And because it is a young country without too much development, the country is also known for its natural beauty. There are plenty of majestic natural parks and sites to explore with many fun activities such as hiking on mountains and kayaking in rivers and lakes in various shades of blue. History buffs will delight in several UNESCO heritage sites in the country. Quite within reach depending on which area of the country you purchase your real estate Croatia ( Croatia also sports a beautiful Mediterranean climate which accents its natural beauty. For those who love sunshine, the country is sunlit for most of the day.

Aside from beautiful historical sites and buildings, the country is culturally rich when it comes to music and cuisine. Music lovers will revel in the fact that the country has several music festivals and is a favored destination for musicians and DJs, especially once the worldwide situation returns to normal. For those who love food, the delightful cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean, Hungarian, Italian and other regions. So, if you’re up to purchasing foreign real estate, Croatia is a great place to consider.

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