March 22, 2023

Real Estate Slovenia at a Glance

The country of Slovenia may be diverse and small but you can still choose from lots of options if you are looking for land for sale and real estate Slovenia. If you have always dreamed of buying an apartment or a house in a safe and beautiful country, Slovenia deserves to be on top of your list. 

Buy Real Estate Slovenia to Discover Its Beauty 

Slovenia has a geostrategic position that works to its advantage. The country is nestled at the crossroads of the key trade and cultural routes of Europe. This is why Slovenia’s location is considered a strategic benefit. It only takes an hour’s drive from Ljubljana, the capital, to all the neighboring countries of Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy. 

buying a property in Ljubljana
If you are looking for land for sale consider buying a property in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.

Aside from this, Slovenia also takes pride in delicious food, beer, and first-class wine. The culinary scene of the country is diverse with a large selection to choose from. You can shop for fresh local ingredients straight from the local farmers who sell their produce in the markets that dot the country. 

All registered long-term residents and citizens of Slovenia can also take advantage of its healthcare system. Medical staff members also undergo training. Slovenia also offers private healthcare, with the citizens legally entitled to equal healthcare access. 

Basic education is also free and mandatory in the country for all children without citizenship and all other underage foreign citizens living in Slovenia. It only means that once you have secured your dream real estate Slovenia, you can bring your whole family to the country and start a new life there.

For most foreigners, the language of Slovenia is incomprehensible and difficult. However, inhabitants of the country can actually speak various languages. This is why you won’t have a hard time living in the country and adapting to the languages. 

Luxury real estate Slovenia for sale

English is a widely spoken language in Slovenia while German and Italian languages are spoken in the eastern and western regions respectively. Younger generations can also speak other different languages in the world. Most Slovenes can converse in Croatian, Bosnian, French, Russian, Serbian, and Spanish. 

Slovenia is also a very attractive country for people who want to do business. Foreign citizens in the country are given the right to transfer or start their business in Slovenia. 

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