April 13, 2024

Ramdev yoga for weight loss


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Yoga in King George Square Brisbane-06= (Photo credit: Sheba_Also)

Yoga has its roots in India from the past few thousand years and these days it is getting appreciated in our western culture too. With this popularity, research into the success of yoga in different parts of life has additionally been recognized. By these latest studies one thing came out which is weight loss. There is a connection between weight loss and yoga; a strong link between them.

Yoga for weight reduction isn’t a normal subject on the heads of individuals who practice yoga. Folks begin training light Yoga exercises because of relaxing and flexibility. It is good for stress relief and other lifestyle changes, however, Yoga has a lot more to serve than basic exercising patterns. By yoga you can treat obesity and overweight problem. I’ve mentioned earlier about the Indian roots of yoga and there is a person known as RAMDEV in India who is a spiritual leader known for his vast knowledge of yoga. It will be true if I say ‘yoga is so popular because of him’, he popularized yoga worldwide. In this article I am going to tell you about Ramdev yoga exercises for weight loss and Ramdev weight loss natural pills.

The names of the exercises are a bit difficult due to the Indian language, but you can search these exercises online easily. First one is BHASTRIKA PRANAYAM (Breathing Technique) This can be done by forcible breathing through the nose.

Now we come to KAPALBHATI PRANAYAM (head shinning) There are three types of kapalbhati’s; Vatakrama, vyutkrama, and sheetkrama.

Third one is BAHYA PRANAYAM, this technique is good for curing diseases like obesity and purifying blood, it also helps the abdominal muscles to work properly.

Fourth one is ANULOM VILON PRANAYAM, it is a method of deep breathing through nostrils alternatively. There are infinite benefits of this exercise.

Fifth is BHRAMARI PRANAYAM (bee exercise), Doing yoga in humming bee sound while breathing. It is the best technique to get instant relief from anxiety and with continually doing this will result in weight loss.

Sixth and last one is UDGEETH PRANAYAM (chanting OM technique), This method can cure many problems as well as very beneficial for weight loss. Insomnia, anxiety, tiredness, depression, etc.

So these were the yoga techniques for losing weight and now we are coming to Ramdev weight loss pills. A natural medicine to cure obesity and for losing weight; Divya Medohar Vati. Many of us can’t consume weight loss pills due to diabetic problems, but now we have a nature cure for this by Ramdev. It is a secret formula used by ancient Indians and now it is available for all of us.


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