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Protocel scam

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From the National Cancer Institute. http://press2.nci.nih.gov/sciencebehind/cancer/cancer01.htm vi:Hình:Cancer requires multiple mutations from NIH-vi.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is protocel scam or not?

Though the medical world have made some amazing discoveries and remedies for many unknown diseases yet cancer being one of the most common diseases that continues to threat millions of lives .One of the recent surveys confirmed that almost 2 out of 5 Americans are now susceptible to cancer .However the worst news is that the medical science have yet not provided us with some definite remedy against this deadly disease. In fact this is depressing news for those millions of families who are now struggling and looking forward for good and positive news.

Protocel is one of the oldest medications recommended by many medical practitioners .This is one such medication that is available for more than seventy years .The protocel is known to help thousands of patients suffering from this terminal disease.

Protocel was initially developed by Dr. Jim Sheridan of Michigan .This particular drug is available in liquid and is comparatively less expensive when compared to the other drugs available in the present market.

Protocel is also known to have positive result on individual suffering from lupus,AIDS,hypertension ,emphysema, Parkinson, collagen and Hemophilia .The drug is now available in different names like the IDs 126 F,JS 114 and JS 101.Some other popular name of Protocel are Jim’s Juice, Sheridan Formula and Jim’s Juice .The above mentioned  names have been approved by the National Cancer Institute .Though the exact composition is not known but FDA and other independent researches  have confirmed the presence of 6 or 12 different constituents .

Though the constituents available in Protocel do not prove the effectiveness of the drug yet numerous reports have confirmed that this drug helps in decreasing the capacity of producing mechanism better known as the trophoblast.This helps in reducing the massive growth of cancerous cells. Moreover protocel is also known to dispose the tissues of dead tumor which again is responsible for creating poisonous and toxic element from the cancer tissues that are dead. This deadly tissue grows due to cancer.

Though many doctors recommend Cantron instead of Protocel which again provides the same remedy, yet many victims tends to rely on the second one over the first. Where as many prefers using them in a combination.

Many medical practitioners are of the opinion that a healthy and balanced diet can help a patient to fight against the deadly disease.

Though protocel is recommended by many as a great reliever for those suffering from cancer yet there are numerous patients who have reported major and minor side effects after consuming this medication.

One of the most common side effect is the fatigue .This side effect is visible within a week after the treatment is initiated .Though this is a minor side effect yet is known to hamper our day to day activities. Many victims have reported that the medication affects the productivity of work. Thus individual using this medication needs to take frequent breaks to rejuvenate themselves.

Another typical side effect of Protocel is it can result to frequent nausea sensation along with vomiting tendencies.


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