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Previfem is a combinational drug (Ethinyl estradiol, Norgestimate) For preventing pregnancy. As I said, It is a combined drug which has Ethinyl Estradiol as well as Norgestimate. Now we need to know about both of them, if we want to know Previfem uses, applications, and classification.

Norgestimate: It is an artificial type of progesterone that is frequently joined with other manufactured hormones to both evade being pregnant or decrease the side effects of menopause. At the point when joined with “ethinyl estradiol” (Previfem), it can avoid ovulation process, because it maintains the highest level of Progesterone. This blending may likewise be adapted to treat genuine skin inflammation in females over a particular age. Furthermore, it can likewise be joined together with single “estradiol” to lessen menopausal signs that incorporate many problems. There is no particular reaction to this class of drug, however, Some women may feel tenderness in breast, nausea, OR changes in weight.

By and large, it is included as a part of anticonception medication pills; just like previfem, as it keeps the body from launching ovary eggs every month throughout the ovulation process. Ordinarily, the body produces progesterone hormone simply after the ovulation process, as this hormone thickens the uterine coating and prevents the ovaries from launching eggs, in the event that a pregnancy happens. When it’s obvious that there is no pregnant state, the hormone level (Progesterone) falls. A lady on Previfem that hold norgestimate, notwithstanding, has reliably higher progesterone levels, which implies that the body accepts that it has officially ovulated and the woman is already pregnant.

Ethinyl estradiol: Otherwise called ethinylestradiol is an engineered as well as an artificial hormonal agent which is basically adapted as a part of birth control methods, in spite of the fact that it has a few other healthcare uses. It is around a class of testosterone referred to as estrogens, along with other estrogen bodily hormones, it can assume a part in the menstrual cycle of ladies. The most widely recognized adaptations for this hormone, is in birth control methods, as a rule, as a mix pharmaceutical, which contains a type of progesterone. The usage of this agent is not allowed in higher manners.

Both of these are combined in one medicine, known as Previfem. Women are not allowed to take both elements in raw format, therefore taking Previfem is a must for those looking for a way to prevent pregnancy.



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