June 24, 2024

Pregnancy scars

There are three types of pregnancy scars, those from having a Caesarean section, over stretched skin and other area standard scarring. Believe it or not, many women get at least a handful of these scars whilst pregnant and many more get some as a result of labour and/or methods of delivery, whether those scars are visible or not to other people. However, the most common come from having a C-section or stretched skin.

Usually what contributes towards stretch marks during and after pregnancy is the age of the mother, the mother’s overall higher than normal mass, added weight in excess of thirty-one pounds and a fetus that weighs more than the average. However, the mothers that are at most risk of getting stretch marks are those who are in their teens. As far as C-section pregnancy scars are concerned, every woman who has the procedure will get a scar, some being smaller and others being further down on the abdomen. The final scar is affected by the speed at which the baby was delivered and how the incision site is cared for as it heals.

The best ways to deal with pregnancy scars is to start treating it immediately. There are five ways to deal with this, including using vitamin E on the healing incision, special scar treatment type creams, tummy tucks, laser treatment and simply hiding it. Vitamin E comes in oil form and is applied as the scar forms, being seen as one of the best methods of treatment because it reduces that scar’s appearance and promotes healing, but taking oral vitamin E during pregnancy and afterwards can help promote rapid healing anyway. Creams to treat scars may help in some cases, though results are varied, working best on the fresh scars versus the older ones. Tummy tucks remove the additional fat and loosened skin that might contribute towards the scar being more noticeable, though the minor scar related to such plastic surgery can easily be hidden by a skilled surgeon. Laser treatment includes three types, though it only reduces scar appearances and can work on C-section scars and the related red appearance. Finally, because treating pregnancy scars is probably best done by hiding it, most women find this much easier to do and less expensive. Hiding these scars can be done because the public hair will regrow around the scar and anything that is slightly visible can be hidden easily behind a bathing suit or panties.

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