July 20, 2024

Mobile Gaming in Winter: Possible with Touch Screen Gloves

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A real gamer sees no time or opportunity better than today to strike a new high score. Even the winter season is not a good excuse. After all, you can always use gloves to keep your hands warm. But for the avid mobile gamer, what he needs is a special type of gloves that can strike out cold with him keeping his game. He needs the one that would allow him to play in the snow laden bus stop.

Sure, there are lots and lots of touch screen gloves available in the market today. But would a hardcore mobile gamer really use them? The answer is, probably not. Gamers have their own requirements when it comes to touch screen gloves. For one, the gloves they’ll use have to be super sensitive for mobile games require speed and precision. Touch screen gloves that can’t deliver the highest possible score would never do at all.

The touch screen gloves with special pads on the tips may work but not entirely. The pads in those gloves sometimes have a hard time responding to the quick reflexes a gamer normally has. And so his search for the best gloves continues.

Then there are knitted gloves. These gloves offer the same nice and warm feel. But if you’re a real gamer, you’ll say that your hands somewhat feel big and bulgy in it. The feeling is definitely not the same as without the gloves on. And you are used to playing your game without gloves. If comfort is the only issue, knitted touch screen gloves with the gold or silver linings would do. But all avid gamers would definitely say that even the slightest annoyance can change their game.

For gamers, the best touch screen gloves options for them are the leather types. Leather is sleek, soft, and warm. Wear them during winter and you would even feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. The perfect leather touch screen gloves are those made with lambskin then lined with wool. They feel ultra smooth on the outside yet warm and comfy on the inside.


The only downside of this kind of touch screen gloves is the price. Leather is a very expensive material when compared to knitted gloves. In most stores, leather touch screen gloves sells for a little under $200. And that is indeed a huge gaming investment when you really think about it. But if you’re a real mobile gaming addict, that price is such a small one to pay.

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