July 22, 2024

Miralax bowel prep

Colonoscopy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A colonoscopy cannot be known as an enjoyable method because it requires more arrangement than essentially appearing in the specialist’s office upon the arrival of the technique. It is to a great degree critical for you to hold fast to all directions given by a specialist that guide you prepare for a colonoscopy. Failing to adhere these guidelines may result in inadequate examining outcomes, which implies you may need to rehash the test. Directions from a specialist may fluctuate somewhat for every person, except there are a couple of things you are liable to be advised to do for Miralax bowel prep.

Aspect of the preparation for a colonoscopy is too fresh out as well as to clear up the digestive tract so that physicians executing the process can see all areas of it. This implies you need Miralax, which is a laxative to clean out the bowel and to empty the stomach. You should drink plenty of water before taking laxatives. Keep in mind that you are not going to do exercises 24 hours prior to the procedure. You’ll need to be a close to a restroom due to the fact that, it is likely you will need to clear your bowel in Miralax bowel prep.

Miralax bowel prep should start prior to a week for the colonoscopy as same drugs may clash between this process. If you are taking NSAIDs as well as blood thinning drugs such as Enoxaparin, Tinzaparin. Then, you need to avoid these medications. Laxatives are common these days and can be found in every home, however, for colonoscopy, one should increase the amount of Miralax seven days before the procedure. So two things you need to do before 7 days; try to avoid above listed drugs and increase the amount of Miralax.

3 days: You should leave all the junk food as well as nuts, and red meat to normalize your stomach. Apart from this, you should eat home made food only.

1 day: Plenty of water with a liquid diet is essential in preparing for a colonoscopy.

Supplies: Bisacodyl 5mg, Miralax 238gm, clear liquid 64 ounces. This is all you need for Miralax bowel prep.

Tips: After taking Miralax, don’t go anywhere unless it is really important and try to be near to the restroom. You should be drinking the Miralax mixture, every half an hour. Do breathing exercises between the procedure. In case, you get any skin irritation then call your doctor and he will help on how to dodge skin irritation.


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