July 20, 2024


Calling New Hope of Pennsylvania home, the dating site MeetMe claims to receive over 1 million users daily. Believed to have almost 90 million members in total, this website cannot be regarded as a small one by any means. The social network site is primarily focused on serving people from the USA, and it is available in multiple languages, including Portuguese and Spanish.

If you have visited many dating sites in the past, one thing you must have noticed – most dating sites have flashy model-like images of its members. However, when you use this site a couple of times, it becomes clear that the site consists of real people with good, but not extremely polished, profile pictures. Most users are young, but there is no scarcity of middle-aged people, or of seniors. It is highly likely that you will enjoy the website a lot because of the overall quality of its members.

As far as the number of different features offered goes, this website simply rules. There are virtual currencies like Lunch Money and Credits. Using Credits, you can unlock features like Live Feed Spotlight and Match Spotlight. While the former gives you preference regarding matches, the latter allows you to say something for every other member to see. Also, there is Gold Star, with the help of which you can show your admiration for another member. Messaging is the primary way of contacting others. Overall, chances are you will be overwhelmed with the number of features MeetMe offers.

The registration process, fortunately, does not require you to spend hours. You can be up and running in a few minutes. Also, when you search for members using a location, you can know which members are online with the help of a green dot on the corner of their profile pictures. Further, you can see their distance from your location. This dating site seems to be a website where the number of male members is higher compared to that of female members; but then, that is a very common encounter with dating sites these days. The website feels great to use, mostly because it has a clean, as well as straightforward, design and layout.

Considering the fact that this site has almost 100 million members, any dating enthusiast will be a fool to not try it. So, in case you have never visited the site, it is time that you explore it. Who knows, you may find your ideal partner in no time!

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