June 24, 2024



Full-figured men and women often find the mainstream dating websites to be a bit too much to handle. That is because most mainstream dating sites assume that everyone is thin, which is not the case at all. With that in mind, to provide large and beautiful people a suitable dating platform, LargerDate was created.

In this website, you can find many big and beautiful men and women. Most women look absolutely stunning with their gorgeous lady-like curves. This site is one of the very few sites that celebrate the curve-rich body of women. The great thing is, even though the dating platform is specifically based on the UK, it has a great versatility of users in terms of race, ethnicity, color etc. You can find beautiful women who are younger than 25 years, or you can find strong big men who are over 40, or anybody else you prefer! In terms of user hobbies and personalities, the variety you get is truly commendable too.

Feature-wise, this is one of the richest sites that focus on big and beautiful people. There is a special two-way matching system to make things interesting. In addition to that, anybody can take full advantage of the search option without even having to register. Yes, you heard that right. You can search for members using narrow preferences without logging in. You can open profiles of different persons, and even zoom in a member’s photos without signing in! There is a help section that contains important information, and you have the option to tell a friend about your discovery too. LargerDate also has a truly likeable interface that is not only easy to figure out, but also a breeze to use.

Registration costs nothing, and is very quick and easy. The process, in fact, is one that you can complete in a matter of seconds, not even minutes! The great thing about this site is that everyone is so enthusiastic. The profiles are rich with details and most members have at least two pictures in their profile. The whole ambience, as you can understand, is really fascinating, upbeat and fun.

Even though this dating arena is quite new compared to some of the well-established sites, it has an appeal that cannot be matched by any other site. There is also a special section that aims to help out those who have no prior experience with online dating. Overall, it is a site worth visiting.

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