June 19, 2024

What Are The Impact Of Technology On Overweight (Obesity)?

does-garciniacambogiaworkIn the modern world, technology is one of the most important outcome from scientific research. During the past twenty years, the number of overweight children has risen considerably. One of the main contributor of this climbing rate of obesity / overweight is technology. With the advent of media and technology causes lack of physical activities among childrens as well as for adults. The childrens all around the world spend most of their time in researching and learning on computers, playing video games and watching programs on televisions. Technology usually provides entertainment and convenience but it cannot take the place for physical activity and movement. It is generally observed through scientific research that around 20% of children around six years to nineteen years of age are the sufferer from overweight / obesity. About 30% to 35% adults between thirty to sixty years of age can be considered overweight.

Overweight / obesity in medical term is known as the accumulation of excess fats in a particular region of a body resulting in the increase of overall body weight. Overweight may results in high blood pressure, excess cholesterol, cardiac problems and sometime leads to the death of the individuals. In addition to eating foods with high calorie, physical activities has been supressed by the technology. The different impact of technology on overweight are given below:

1. With the introduction of different media and channels, the television is a main source of entertainment among childrens and adults replacing outside play and other physical activities.

2. Adults and kids mainly prefers motorbikes and cars instead of pedal cycles.

3. The kids and teenagers usually avoids any physical activities and prefers to spend their time in gaming consoles.

4. Different modern ammenities and home appliances saves time in kitchen and reduces physical activities.

Prevention from overweight:

1. At least one hour moderate physical exercise is required for adults and childrens to fight aginst obesity. The moderate exercise is not always formal for the kids. Playing outside at the ground, involved in different sports activities are the moderate exercise for kids. These physical activities are also appropriate for adults.

2. Too much dependence on technology must be avoided. Manual labour is sometime useful for overall body efficiency which mainly control obesity.

3. Intake of high calorie readymade junk food / fast food must be avoided which is the most important factor for overweight / obesity.

From the above article it is clearly understood the impact of technology on obesity.

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