July 6, 2022

Helping you decide between an authentic or replica luxury bag

Do not take a second glance. What you see is not always what is real. That bag she was carrying? The one with the big LV, double CC or GG logo? There are better chances than not it is not an authentic bag. She has a very well-made replica piece, likely from https://www.bagbella.ru/. Almost no one will know the difference; read on to learn why.

A few years ago, it was easy to find out if the bag was authentic or a replica. The signs were right in front of you and painfully obvious. It was easy to tell the difference.

Try this today. Even the best of the best will have problems figuring the differences between what is and what is not authentic. Sometimes they are also wrong.

Look for luxury replicas at Bagbella.ru. You have choices beyond choices. The luxury houses are scrambling to keep their authentic bags from being duplicated. It is a battle in a war without end.

Some sites will promise you the moon when it comes to what they have. Buzz words: made in the same factory; outsourced to China; overrun; factory defect and the like.

None of it is true. No luxury house would outsource to China. They make their products in their home countries, namely France, Italy and Spain.

The seasonal fickle changes were one way to tell the difference so long ago. Bagbella will buy their own bag to examine and learn from to make copies. These copies hit the market at roughly the same time as the authentic pieces. The bags sometimes are shoddy because of the limited time spent working on the manufacturing process.

This is all online where people take more chances with their money than in Las Vegas. Some will spend the authentic amount of money and end up with a replica bag. There are three people in the luxury bag market: those who afford the brand; those who are cheated out of the brand with a replica; those who actively seek a replica.

What does this mean for you? It means cover your wallet. The deal may seem too good to be true. It is too good. Most of these companies do not accept major credit cards – they can be disputed. Western Union is the preferred method of payment. Why? There is no way to recoup your losses if you are stolen from or the item received is not what you wanted. You took the chance and lost. Retire; lick your wounds and learn from your mistake.

That authentic bag that is for sale for almost nothing? It is not an authentic piece. Real bags do not depreciate greatly. They do not have to prove anything to anyone so the prices can remain out of the average person’s reach.

Want to start an online business? Find some pictures of things you want to sell, and write the code for your new site. Wait for customers to buy based on the pictures, and send something that is very close but not the same thing.

Then again, you don’t have to do that either. The popular site Reddit has subreddits for replicas. These subreddits are buried deeply in the site and often link to other sites.

There will be fantastic stories on how the bag is from the same factory. This line was made at night, after the regular shift and snuck out the back door. Words like “authorized-retailer” and “wholesale” are commonly dropped. None of these are valid stores offering the authentic products. Luxury items are going to be sold in boutiques and high end stores only.

If you are looking at a store online, look for a site that is established like Bagbella. They offer real quality and has plenty of reviews on third party sites that you can check. This important if you are looking for a aquality replica bag.

The process of matching an authentic to a replica is almost perfected. There are details that most would not even think of considering that have to be taken into account when making the determination. Looking at the threads on a screw, for example, may be the only difference on the entire bag. This is a millimeter’s difference. Chew on that for a second.

The only absolute you can be certain of is there is the human element to take into account. Even the authenticator is human and can make mistakes. Authenticators go through a long process for certification. It is no simple task to determine if a bag is $300.00 or $3,000.00. If a professional is struggling with this, what makes you think a girlfriend and Internet search can learn the difference?

Of course, there is the old fall back that so many turn to when it comes to the replica market and China – child labor. It is true that at one time there was child labor in China, but the restrictions on family have changed the family structure so child labor is almost nil.

You have a choice to make: an authentic bag or a replica bag. Your bank account has the answer. We at Bagbella.ru are waiting for your answer.

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