July 20, 2024

Funny Wedding Vows for Him

The wedding vows are complete - you may now ki...
The wedding vows are complete – you may now kiss the bride. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Funny Wedding Vows for Him: Some Tips that You Can Use

Are you getting married? Do you need help with your wedding vows? Are you trying to douse the tension or quell the butterflies in your belly by reciting vows that would make people laugh and more importantly make your bride shed tears of joy? There are certain things that you need to be aware of.

If you want to come with funny wedding vows that would wow the crowd and make them laugh on that big day, you need to surround yourself with some inspiration. Surf the internet, watch funny romantic comedies which finish with a wedding at the end where the love birds live happily ever after.

When it also comes to vows, you need to always ask yourself some key questions. How did you meet? What made you fall in love? What do you love about your fiancée? What does marriage mean to you? Do you have any aspirations once you get married? Is there any story that captures your love scenario? It is important to always tell a story, people see things clearer when you do.

Any answers that you build up can help you come up with hilarious wedding vows. For example, imagine a scenario whereby the bride is a vegetarian and is getting married to a meat supervisor. They might share a love for animals which could be interpreted in a funny way. You could tell your significant other that ‘I love you because when you saw a stray dog sitting by a hot dog stand, you bought it a meal, same thing that I would have done’.

When you prepare wedding vows, you need to communicate them in the right way for people to understand and more importantly for your wife to swoon and fall in love all over again. It is crucial that you inject some humor. But also remember the reason for the season and tell everyone the moment that you made up your mind that you wanted to get married to the woman of your dreams.

Despite trying to play with humor on that big day, your vows should read like a love letter. Share something about the first time that you met her. Do not forget to make promises for the future. It is a smart thing to write these things down and revise them before your wedding date. It is imperative that you speak from the heart. So revise whatever you write and ditch the paper. Let your heart lead you on. Do not take the whole day. Let your vows be short, punchy and interesting.

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