March 2, 2024

Dermatix Gel

Dermatix UltraDermatix Ultra is a fast-drying, transparent type of silicone cream gel that has set itself apart from regular silicone type formulations. Its unique types of qualities make it a new and innovative combination of cyclopentasiloxane and silicone, producing scar treatments that are more pleasing aesthetically. By imparting a soft and silky type feeling on the skin, users not only get scar appearance reduction, but a much better feeling scar without the tacky or greasy feeling that can come with some other scar reducing products on the market.

The cream effectively manages and prevents some types of keloid and hypertrophic scars. It can successfully assist in the management and treatment of scarring that has happened at the hands of a surgeon’s knife. It might even reduce greatly the appearance of unsightly and body altering burn scars. Even trauma scars are not match for the properties that the cream provides. Though the company does suggest that starting the application of the cream on scars that are six months old and younger is best, aging scars can benefit as well.

Dermatix Ultra Benefits

Dermatix Ultra smoothes, relieves, reduces softens and flattens many scars. As a cream, it has numerous benefits to offer scar sufferers, including:

• a unique formulation
• silicone based
• fast drying
• transparent
• itch reducer
• discomfort reducer
• new silicone type technology
• odourless
• non-greasy
• invisible
• well-tolerated by adults and kids
• suitable for anyone who is not allergic to silicone and vitamin C ester
• self-dries
• usable under clothes and make-up
• will not stain fabrics
• elastic type protection
• works on all types of skin surfaces
• usable on moving skin surfaces
• improves scars with continuous use

What Makes Dermatix Ultra Better than Other Dermatix Products?

Dermatix Ultra is designed for scars that are above and beyond the average zit or minor cut scar. Because a better strength is needed to tackle scars that are horrific in appearance and greatly diminish the quality of life for scar sufferers, trauma survivors, accident victims and burn victims, this version of the Dermatix line is more potent. Though its regular cream is exceptional, the concentrations found in the Ultra are made for more serious situations. However, not all scars are created equally, so if the regular cream does not work, the Ultra will more than make up for this with more reduction power.

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