September 28, 2023


Dermabrasion is also known as dermaplaning, whereby the top layers of the skin are surgically scraped off to remove any unwanted scarring, irregularities or dead skin cells. In fact, home products can be bought from local drugs stores and used to polish the skin to perfection or people can go to professional salons for more extensive work, even the removal of some scar tissues. In fact, this type of treatment is more often used for improving a person’s looks after major surgery or accidents, or simply to make the wrinkles on the skin smoother looking and less obvious. It can also help with removing keratoses, tiny pre-cancerous type growths, though the dermaplaning cannot be used for that.

Regardless of the size of the area of skin to be treated, dermabrasion can be used on large or small areas. It can be used on its own or with other types of treatments, even beauty procedures such as chemical peels, scar revisions or removals and/or facelifts. So, if you want to refinish your skin, surgery may not be the answer as this procedure can be done without an anaesthetic and with very few problems.

For more invasive and lengthier types of dermabrasion, a doctor performs the procedure with only a few risks involved. This can include skin pigmentation changes, skin darkening (potentially permanent), skin lightening or blotchy skin. Some people develop whiteheads after, which usually go on their own or can be removed using a fine abrasive type of pad or exfoliating soap. Some people get huge pores which might shrink back down to size, but if they do not, using witch hazel after washing will close them fairly tight. Though scarring and infections are rare, the potential risks are there. Some people are especially prone to a scarring type called hypertrophic or keloid and as such they have to have further treatments with steroids. However, the only way to reduce potential risks is to find a surgeon who is sufficiently qualified and experienced to know how to tailor procedures to your skin type and needs.

The only way you can prepare for dermabrasion is to ensure that your body and face are thoroughly cleaned and not covered in makeup or skin creams prior to surgery. You will be given a brief consultation, explaining the procedure and then given time to ask any questions. Other than that there is not much too it.


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