March 4, 2024

Depo Provera Calendar

injection for birth control (Depo Provera)
injection for birth control (Depo Provera) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Depo Provera is a famous production title for “medroxyprogesterone acetate”, a preventative infusion for ladies that holds the bodily chemical progestin. Depo Provera is given as an injection infusion at regular intervals. Depo Provera commonly stifles ovulation, preserving your ovaries from discharging an egg. It likewise acts as other contraceptive, for example, it thickens the cervical mucus so that the sperm will not attain the egg. Depo Provera injection is available in different amounts as well as in different names. Some of the injections as well as infusions can be injected into the muscle region, while others just needed to be injected anywhere on the skin.

Why Do You Need Depo Provera? : You want to prevent the birth, You’re a breastfeeding, You want decrease menstrual pain as well as cramps, You are looking for a pelvic inflammatory solution, You smoke a lot ad wanted to avoid the use of estrogen.

This drug doesn’t secure you against STDs and contaminations. Truth be told, a few studies propose that hormonal birth controls, for example, Depo Provera may increase a lady’s chances of Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is not clear whether this camaraderie is because of the hormone or something else with the use of dependable pregnancy preventions. Considering these discoveries, the WHO and other therapeutic professionals are reconsidering the exploration on hormone imbalances and threats of Human immunodeficiency virus. In case you’re worried about Human immunodeficiency virus, get an appointment and consult with your doctor. However, Condoms are the cheapest and best birth control methods.

Side Effects: Stomach Pain, Pimple Inflammation, Soreness of breast, Low enthusiasm towards sexual activities, Wooziness, Weight gain, Anxiety, Headaches, Nervousness, Pain in bone. You need to be in touch with your doctor for serious problems such as Depression, any kind of allergic reaction, High bleeding, and some more severe issues. Don’t hesitate while consulting with your doctor.

Depo Provera Calender: You will get the Depo Provera calender with the pack because these injections are recommended to take at home. Mark or write down your first injection date in the calendar and take the next dosage after five days of previous dosing. The minimum process of using this medication is 3 months and you need a pregnancy test after that. Write all your dosages in calender and remember about of future injections. This is also good for keeping a track record on your injection.


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