7 thoughts on “Singleparentmeet

  1. I would like to cancel my account with you. It is not what I want. They are all too young or not my type-they smoke or whatever. Thanks! but please cancel my membership.
    Linda R. Smith

  2. I’m getting tired of this mess! You can’t get a hold of anyone, when you send a damn to get help, you still get no where. When I signed up for this site I wanted to cancel it and get whatever refund I can. It’s not for me. I don’t want to pay just to read messages.

  3. Your site sucks!!!!! I want nothing to do with you or your site. UNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW!!!! You no longer have permission to charge my credit card, and if you do, I will sue you, not kidding…and why no customer service phone number…sounds like a scam to me, unsubscribe me now, or you will be hearing from my lawyer. Also call me to let me know you have unsubscribed me. Or E-mail me. I am completely livid, and want nothing to do with you and your scam site

  4. Unsubscribe me now, you no longer have my permission to use my credit card, if you do I will sue you, not kidding….every company should have a customer service phone number…but you don’t, your site sucks, and I will see you in court if I don’t get my money back…total scam

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