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Contractubex cream

How to minimize scars

Injuries or abrasion are quite common. You can cause scars by doing simple daily tasks such as handling a kitchen knife without paying attention. When it happens, often the first question that arises is “will the scar remain?”

Fortunately, it is not difficult to prevent some scarring and minimize others. In the course of this article, we will demonstrate some simple measures recommended by dermatologists on how to treat minor cuts and scratches, minimizing the appearance of scars, and we will also review very effective scar treating creams such as contractubex

Which is the best way to prevent the appearance of scars? If you are concerned about the appearance of scars caused by a cut, abrasion, stitches, acne or as a result of a small wounds following a surgery, know that the best way to prevent the appearance of unsightly scars , or in any case to minimize the aesthetic impact, is to cure the wound in an appropriate manner. The process suggested below can be of great help:

Clean a small cut or abrasion

It is advisable to soothe and cleanse the wound with cold water, and then remove any foreign objects (for example, splinters) with the aid of tweezers previously sterilized with alcohol. Gently wash the area around the wound with soap and dab it gently with just a towel. Irritants, such as those present in detergents, in the hydrogen peroxide, the iodine and alcohol, are not advisable for cleaning small wounds. Specifically, these substances can delay healing. If the scar has occurred below you will find a contractubex review about how to remove scars using a cream.

Keeping the wound covered

By covering the cut or abrasion helps healing by blocking the bacteria, dirt and other irritants. It also helps keep the wound moist during the first few days, accelerating the healing process. To keep the wound moist and clean, you can apply a cream or antibiotic ointment. Finally, keep the wound moist indoor and helps to reduce the appearance of scars.

 Do not remove the scab

Immediately after a cut, abrasion or even after you squeeze a pimple, the body begins the healing process of the wound. The white blood cells attack the bacteria that can cause infections, while the red blood cells form a clot over the wound itself. In a short time, it forms the crust. Scraping away the crust, you risk not only reopening the wound, thus facilitating the entry of bacteria, but may also favouring the formation of a more visible scar.

 Contractubex cream

For those that already have a scar and would like to use a cream to remove it, you can try contractubex cream. Here is a Contractubex cream review. The cream is highly recommended in by doctors and pharmacists. The success rate of the cream is proven by the fact that it is actively promoted in forums around the world by its customers. The Cream is made in germy and used to cure various scars, also keloid scar.

To apply the cream you need to be constant and use it daily. Apply a little cream on the scarred area and massage gently. You might feel a little tingly feeling while massaging the scar, but this is due to the scar and not the cream. After applying the cream your scar will become practically invisible. It has been in commerce for over 20 years. You will start seeing results after several weeks of use.

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