June 19, 2024

Catuaba and Its Amazing Benefits

The forest of Amazon is home to many medicinal plants and herbs and it’s also the home of Catuaba tree that is known for its aphrodisiac properties. Its tree itself produces beautiful yellow flowers. But, its bark is harvested due to its medicinal properties.

Catuaba comes from the tree that belongs to a bigger family of trees. Some people are a bit confused about the tree species harvested for use only and the items from both small and big catuaba trees, which are utilized for the same purpose. Trichilia Catuaga is another term for the Catuaba’s bark.

The Benefits of Catuaba

  • Antidepressant

According to studies, Catuaba has what you call dopaminergic actions, which means that it can modulate receptors in the brain that is related to neurotransmitter dopamine. A certain study that was conducted in year 2005 found that this herb has dopamine-mediated antidepressant effects in rats and mice. Aside from that, they found no change in serotonin uptake after using Catuaba for a long period of time in comparison to its pharmaceutical counterpart. It makes it as a powerful herb for treating depression.


  • Stimulates Central Nervous System

Catuaba works its magic by effectively and quickly calming nerves and anxiety in less than an hour after use. It may also be used as a sleep aid. But, it may boost the chance to have erotic dreams. So, you must use it at your own risk.

  • Serves as Aphrodisiac

Catuaba’s aphrodisiac qualities are its popular use. It contains three particular alkaloids, which is believed to support libido that includes yohimbe that seems to be an active compound that produces stimulatory effects on libido of both women and men. Such alkaloids are thought to improve sexual function through stimulating one’s nervous system. 

  • Antioxidant

In one study, Catuaba was found to have some neuroprotective effects. It was measured by lowered oxidative damage that is found in mice’s hippocampus. Another study also found that Catuaba’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties protect the brains of participants from the oxidative damage and it could play an important role to protect against some brain related disorders. Such effects are thought to be due to high amounts of the antioxidant flavonoids that are found within Catuaba.

Ways to Take Catuaba Properly

Due to the increasing popularity, Catuaba may be taken in various forms today. If you cannot physically find this locally, it’s available online in tincture and capsule form. By all accounts, the maximum effectiveness can be achieved through adding tincture to water and adding 1 tbsp of lemon juice. It is recommended since acidifying tincture helps release alkaloids, tannins, and some constituents. Oftentimes, native Amazonians combine Catuaba with another herb called Muira Puama, which has also aphrodisiac properties.

Like any other herbal remedies, you must be careful when getting products from suppliers. This will help you ensure that you will get nothing but effective health benefits that Catuaba offers.


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