September 25, 2022

Banana split cake recipe

Banana split
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Banana split is an ice cream dessert which is a form of Sundae. Generally, this dish is made inside a stretched pontoon molded vessel, beginning with the peeled & cut banana. Core space can be filled with other flavors, for example, Strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate. You can add pineapple sundae in vanilla scoop topping. Chocolate and strawberry can share their basic sundae for the other topping part. It is a personalized recipe so you can add your flavors and components to match up the atmosphere. Some people add whipped cream on the top while other health freaks would not add this to their split cake.

If you are a concerned with health issues, then you can add nuts and cherries to give a look instead of whipped cream on the top, however, eating once in a while will not spoil your dieting plan. Let me share some history of banana split cake with you before starting the informative recipe plan. Banana split cake was first introduced in 1907, in an Ohio restaurant for attracting the college students. That’s why Ohio banana split cake recipe is famous worldwide these days.

So lets go for the recipe; We need apparatus first: Nine graham crackers (crushed), 1 cup sugar (should be divided), 2 Packets of Philadelphia cream cheese. One can of pineapple, 6 to 7 bananas, Two cups of chilled milk (cow milk), around two cups of whipped cream (don’t pour it in the cup, it is just a measurement for topping), and one cup Planter pecans chopped.

Working: You need to mix the graham crumbs with quarter sugar and butter, then press it is medium pan, then freeze this mixture with pan for 10 minutes. On the other hand, mix cheese and the remaining part of sugar and blend it in a mixer. Now spread this very gently over the crust. Topping part will start will processed pineapple, so top those pineapples and slice four bananas over the pineapple topping. Pudding mixture should be whisked with milk for two minutes, Spread the whip over the banana layer and top with your favorite items, for example, nuts, and cherries. After all the process, Refrigerate it for five hours (Remember: Do not freeze; Refrigerate only). Everything is done; just slice the remaining two bananas over the cake and that is how you learned how to make a banana split cake.

Health tips: Decrease the cheese as well as sugar value. Use a LITE whipped cream for less calories.


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