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Banana pudding recipe

Banana foster bread pudding.
Banana foster bread pudding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Banana pudding recipe is a starter recipe and you don’t need to do hectic tasks because it is a homemade desert recipe. But why we need banana desert or banana pudding? Because it is creamy, sweet, and sinfully yummy to the taste senses. The best part of this recipe is, you don’t need box pudding to mix it up. Let’s start with the apparatus.

Apparatus or things you need to make Banana pudding recipe: Suger (one third or as per the taste), Purpose Flour (One fourth cup), Salt (One fourth teaspoon), Three cups of dairy milk, Three or four eggs, five or six drops of vanilla essence, fifty to sixty vanilla wafer, and the key ingredient; Bananas (four to five bananas ripped into thick slices. That is it! You got the apparatus, now let’s come to the important as well as essential part; How to learn this recipe.

Instructions: Sugar, purpose flour, and salt should be mixed in a large saucepan. After mixing for a while, you need to whisk the milk. Everything is added and now we have to look into the saucepan until the mixture gets think with nice consistency, If you are not sure about the thickness then cook this in medium heat for proper concentration. After that, remove the pan from heat and let it turn into a cool mixture.

The next thing you need to do is, whisking the eggs in a small bowl, after that, add the mixture and mix it all together. Now you need heat this complete mixture for 2 minutes (until it boils). Let the mixture cool down and add vanilla essence. Now the raw process is completed lets join the level of setting banana pudding. Pick a baking dish and arrange vanilla wafers in the bottom or create a layer of vanilla wafers.

Now everything is up to you; how you want it to design or what you want to add in it. You have pudding mixture, You have sliced bananas, and you have wafers on the bottom. Confused? OK Let me help you with this; make it in my style and after that you can try different things with banana puddings. Crush some nuts for topping. You have baking dish so add a small amount of pudding and then create a layer of banana slices, then again add pudding mixture and create a layer of vanilla wafer. Keep doing this until the top and sprinkle the nuts. Refrigerate the dish for at least 6 hours. You banana pudding recipe is ready to eat. Isn’t it easy? Try the recipe and share your experience with us.

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