July 25, 2024

Back acne treatment

What type of back acne treatment works best and what can you use? Back acne is just one type of acne that affects many people, not just teenagers and can be experienced at any age. It is not necessarily as a result of a lack of hygiene or from eating something inappropriate, and there are numerous potential causes and triggers, some of which may include allergic reactions, over active oil glands and clogged pores, hair follicle and glands. Being a type of infection, the most proven way to treat this acne and any type of acne is to reduce the swelling, clean the infected area and stop the infection within that area and from spreading elsewhere.

If you have a mild version, basic healthy skin care and some over the counter type treatments may help, but you should avoid anything containing colourants, preservatives, known unhealthy ingredients, oils and alcohol as these may further aggravate your skin. If you have allergies, avoiding potential allergens will also help. If you are going through hormonal stages in life, either riding it out or getting special hormone therapies may be advisable, but ultimately you should speak to your doctor and get a referral to a dermatologist if your back acne becomes unmanageable, unsightly, spreading or showing signs of nasty scarring. Whatever you do, do not squeeze or pick the acne because it can spread and the infection can worsen. Acne products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can work if washed over the areas that have been infected. Lotions containing lactic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids and glycolic acid may help in reducing the spread of the infection, exfoliating your skin, reducing the pore size to prevent blockages and infections getting in, and increase the healing process that assists in the healthy turnover of cells.

Back acne usually responds well to higher potency treatments because the skin is fairly thick and tough. If your acne is moderate or even severe, controlling this needs to be done with a doctor’s help. Your doctor may prescribe oral medicines and topical creams to help, including such things as isotretinoin, antibiotics and Retin A. However, no back acne treatment is foolproof and no single thing can or will by itself usually stop all breakouts. Remember that there is no known cure for acne and as such you have to work with your doctor to regain a balanced skin which usually will help considerably.


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