June 24, 2024



Love is a key winning factor which can help us transit successfully from a life of scarcity and want to a life of well-being and abundance. Some of the love experiences can be elevating; some can be very painful, while some can be painfully elevating. As your understanding of the power of love continues to improve, the benefits which you receive will become more abundant and rich. Love produces promotion, respect and wisdom. It is empowering and liberating. It is also tough and discerning. As a lover, you can offer love as a support, consolation, protection and motivation to your partner. As an enterpreneur, love is incredibly attractive, insightful and powerful. Love is what creates giants and builds empires. Without love, none of us would ever exist.

Love is that which will cause a mother to lift a car weighting 3,000 pounds off a child who fell underneath it. Love is that which will make a father fight to protect the honor of his home. Love is the reason why Martin Luther King, Jr sacrificed his young, promising and precious life while he endured hate and jail. Love is why lots of fathers all over the world would do demeaning and menial jobs to feed their families. It is the reason why people make mistakes sometimes.

Many of us are scratching and struggling through life because we do not understand what love is. We have not achieved much success in trying to gain access to the power of love simply because we do not have a clear understanding of what love is. The extent to which we understand love is that which is expressed in a tabloid or pop song. We sometimes mistake love for lust and control. When we understand the nature of love, then we will clearly see that it is the key to our success.

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