June 24, 2024

Are you interested

Owned by Snap Interactive, AYI is a dating site with several unique traits. AYI stands for ‘Are You Interested’, which seems to make total sense since we are talking dates here. Astonishingly enough, the site has a huge user base of nearly 70 million users. With fluid design, vibrant colors and wonderful fonts, the dating giant is a treat to the eyes.

What makes this site fascinating is its creative use of mutual friends. You can see who has friends in common, or you can browse in order to find attractive singles quickly and easily. Most profiles are genuine, and that is great considering the vast size of the site. Cosmopolitan, TIME and The Huffington Post are just three of the many publications which think that the site deserves publicity. With close interaction with social media sites, the website makes handing of various aspects as quick as possible.

It is a feature-rich site in every sense. You get the website to explore the scene using your laptop or desktop, and you get Facebook app, Android app and iOS app to use the service using your handheld device. You can search for users using a variety of traits, with the help of the highly-likeable advanced search provided. You can also start conversing using IM anytime you want, in case you are in that mood. Another very positive thing is that since the site matches you with people who have common interests, you almost never run out of things to say.

AYI is not just another typical dating site, since it is one of the top players in the world with a surprisingly massive number of users. Because of that, the packages offered by the site are quite attractive, at least compared to similar packages offered by its competitors. The registration process involves disclosing of a bit of personal information, addition of pictures and a few other common steps. Nothing too complex or extraordinary! Note that since the site does not conduct background checks, there is the chance of encountering fake profiles or annoying members from time to time. But guess what? When you are exploring a site that has tens of millions of users, that is the least you can tolerate.

This site is not the most personalized dating arena in the world, but it has enough attractive singles to keep you hooked for years. If you have never considered buying a membership of a dating site, it is time to consider doing exactly that.

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