March 4, 2024

Acupressure points to increase height

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English: Girl using heavenly acupressure mat on back and neck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no proven method scientifically to authenticate that one can grow taller after a certain age. These myths are usually scoffed at and rightly so, because if this was the case then there would hardly be any need to feel stifled at being called ‘short’ for the many who are considerably limited in stature as others. The point here to note however is that there are certain acupressure points that increase height and one cannot ridicule this altogether. Most people have a tendency to slouch while standing or sitting thereby getting the spine inclined at a certain angle.

The method of sleeping is also not really worked on and stretching is considered something rather alien. In effect this automatically encourages the body to remain at a certain height without achieving the potential required. There are claims that are advertised across the board about pills that work but in short can this ever happen, really? If that was the case there would be more people popping pills like crazy with a view to increasing their height. But unless it has been proven by authentic sources, it is better to deal with it with a dash of salt.

Capitalizing on various pressure points to help people get a better shape is something that has been around for centuries. But the objective here is to ensure after treatment it has to last, doesn’t it? There is a conception that acupuncture and acupressure are a part of the same coin, but in reality this is not true. They do work based on finding the right spots in the body to enable them work for the benefit of the person seeking the treatment.

Bad posture can be corrected with the right method of both the sciences with a view to encouraging the slouch addict get back on track and stand tall. People tend to look at short people like they are pesky or what have you which can be extremely frustrating for them. The point here is while there are options available one must always follow the letter to the tee by doing basic steps to enable one feel better.

Standing erect without slouching, sitting straight all the time, holding the head in a right manner without looking up or down, wear the right clothes that do not pull down the body, etc are little doses to help one deal with the issue. Following the right diet along with stretches and a dash of acupressure will help one feel on top of the world!


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