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Acne products

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There are many over the counter acne products that you might find useful, though you have to work with your skin type to ensure that you use the one that is suited to your needs. Most products have a brand name, as well as a chemical name and varied versions of that same brand. This article will help you to decide what you want to try and if the chemical especially is suited to your skin or if you need to avoid something because of potential allergies.

Here are some acne products that you may wish to consider:

  • Neutrogena On-the-Spot/Clear by Design/Fostex/Oxy-10/Clearasil – all use benzoyl peroxide as the main ingredient and are quite often the most common forms of acne treatments found over the counter in most major drug stores and supermarkets. Most importantly, they are relatively cheap to buy and depending on what level of acne you have and what you need, can help in reducing outbreaks.

  • Oxy Night Watch/Clearasil Clearstick/Stri-dex/Stri-dex Triple Action Pads – all use salicylic acid as their main ingredient, still equally as popular as the top products, tackling varied forms of acne with easy to use methods and even additional items to help treat your acne in a more sterile fashion.

  • Clearasil Adult Care and Clearasil Adult Care Fight Cream (tinted) – all use sulphur and resorcinol as the active ingredients to deal with specifically adult type acne, which is far different from the acne suffered by teenagers, children and those with hormonal or other issues.

Many people have been brought up with varied brand names of acne treatments, finding themselves told about what is best for acne by their kids, who are merely starting out in learning how to deal with skin problems. Acne products have advanced considerably since the days we were young, but unlike today, we did not overdo it on foundation and other makeup, which is unfortunately aggravating acne conditions in many youth and young adults. Sadly, they are unaware of the damage they are helping to form on their faces that can be avoided. However, if you use your experience to teach your kids how to use one of these over the counter products properly and use care for their skin that is appropriate, the chances of them suffering serious breakouts are reduced.

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