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Acne laser treatment

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Acne laser treatment has demonstrated that it holds a lot of potential in the elimination of this otherwise dreaded skin condition. The traditional methods have proven to be a slow process toward the reduction, if not elimination of acne. With inconsistent results that leave the acne struck person more frustrated than satisfied, a search is on for something better for the treatment of acne.

Currently there are two different forms of laser treatment as an option for those seeking treatment of acne. The first means of laser treatment are called Diode treatment and Pulsed Dye laser treatments. Of the two means available to treat acne, it was discovered that acne development was reduced in by 85% by the third treatment utilizing the laser treatment therapy and further to that pleasing stastistic, many patients saw their break outs of acne drawn back to a mere 37% when having undergone the treatment for the first time. Acne has nearly completely been eliminated by the fifth visit and were able to proceed with a lifestyle that they were comfortable with, confident and happy with their appearance at last. In the long run, Diode laser treatment has been more successful at the reduction and elimination of acne than its counterpart, although Pulsed Dye laser treatment cannot be totally discounted as it has accounted for the satisfaction of many patients as well.

It is wise to take note that with this highly effective technology to treat and reduce the symptoms of acne there are some potential side effects that you should be aware of in considering this prior to undergoing the process of laser treatment. The application of laser treatment takes a couple of weeks to complete and in so doing there may be some inflammation and/or swelling that would require a topical application. Some irritation of the skin was observed but in most cases the redness cleared fairly fast in post treatment.

When you’re battling the fight against blemishes, acne laser treatment could very well show some hopeful promise for your future. Whether you have acne that is restricted to the face or you have body acne that causes embarrassment and frustration, conventional treatment has often been slow and inconsistent.

With acne laser treatment, the initial results are looking good. Most patients that underwent such therapies found that in a single visit their blemishes were reduced by at least 37%. Within three visits there was an 85% reduction in noticeable breakouts. Within 4 to 5 treatments, most patients had cleared up their acne and were able to live a clear skin lifestyle.

There are two kinds of laser treatments available for acne. Diode laser treatments have the better running results and have been able to provide patients with the most benefit at this time. However, some patients responded very well to pulsed dye laser treatments.

Both of these acne laser treatments come with few side effects. A topical is applied to prevent discomfort and the post treatment care is relatively simple. A little bit of swelling or initial redness was noted after treatment although it dissipated quickly. Laser treatment, as an alternative to the mass marketing of various skin cream ointments and diet programs designed to alter break outs, has enjoyed a huge mark of success in a couple of weeks of treatment for those suffering from acne. That this new technology is still in a process of evolution, it promises to be the treatment of choice for those who suffer from acne, as an alternative to the traditional concepts of skin creams, ointments and hot lamps. Given more study, this treatment will prove to be the final stop on the way to the defeat of that acne that has plagued you for so long.

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