Garth Brooks: Making of a Legend

Garth Brooks

Cover of Garth Brooks

Heroes, they are our role-models, from a humble fire fighter to your everyday rock star. Heroes are weighed by what they have done for society, usually something accomplished overnight that rises them to that level of being called a hero; if for only a day.

Yet there are others who struggle with all their might to accomplish their goals, searching, pressing on toward that destination that will place them where there dreams take them. These are not mere heroes, these are Legends. One such legend is a man who most of the civilized world knows.

Between 1989-96 he sold more than sixty million albums. Crossing over hits from Country Music to the Pop field. He has continued to produce top quality music, and through 1998 he has accomplished things that people only dream about. This man, of course; is Garth Brooks, yet he didn’t become this legend overnight. What he is today was forged from years of struggling to make it, with raw determination. This is the story of a Legend in the making…. Continue reading