Dermatix Silicone Gel

Dermatix Cream is a silicone based type of gel that contains vitamin C ester. Recommended by skin experts and surgeons, the cream is used across the world to help in positive scar reduction. It has been shown so far to smooth, flatten and soften most scars. It is also appreciated by people with scars because it helps to relieve scar symptoms such as discomfort and itchiness. Because the cream is topical and can be applied over most of a person’s body, namely the skin, joints and the face, using the cream makes it easier for people and doctor’s to manage scarring. The tubes can be picked up in three conveniently sized tubes, with a 60 gram version for much larger scars.

Types of Dermatix Creams Sizes and Presentations

Dermatix Cream can be applied to the tiniest of scars, ideal for those who suffered serious acne and want to reduce the unsightly appearance of a white or reddened mass on their face or body. Though the cream cannot do anything for deep scarring whereby the scar is lower in level than the skin, it can take away the redness and help the scar to appear to blend into the background against healthy skin. The best size for small scars is the fifteen gram tube. However, for slightly bigger scars, the thirty gram tube is much more economical. For a real deal, and for large scars, the sixty gram tube is easier to work with.

Benefits of Using Dermatix Cream

Though there has been questions raised about whether or not Dermatix Cream as a single product is as effective as it claims, the fact is that it uses silicone which has been proven countless times to reduce scarring appearances. Most people do not like scars, especially on themselves, but for those who have to live with scarring, they eventually learn to look passed what they perceive to be something that is ugly and unsightly and try methods of either covering up or reducing the ill effects of the scarring, which can include physical discomforts as well as not so pleasant appearances. That is why Dermatix Cream is so beneficial because it gives scarred people back some confidence in themselves. It cannot take their scars away, but it gives scar sufferers a chance to feel themselves again without worrying about what others might think.

What is Dermatix?

What is Dermatix? Dermatix is an innovative, yet effective series of treatments for scars and other skin blemishes. Scars occur in different ways, whether by disease, surgery or accident and most will heal and diminish over time. However, sometimes some scars just will not fade and even though the skin has been repaired naturally, the appearance of those scars is unsightly and makes the person who has them feel self-conscious. Of course, how a scar heals, how it will appear and whether or not it will fade successfully depends mainly on genetics, the type of skin that a person has. Regardless, the psychological effects of scars can be far more devastating and that is why Dermatix developed a variety of silicone-type products to help in scar appearance improvement.

Dermatix claims to be able to handle most scars, including those that have been around for a long-time, including new ones. The manufacturers claim that their products have been clinically shown to make significant improvements in scar appearances, reducing even the nasty appearances of serious injury scars, burn scars and other major surgical scars.

Dermatix comes in two types – a silicon type gel, as well as silicone type sheets which are fabric backed and clear. In fact, the silicone as a means of treating scars is rightfully recognized for its non-invasive abilities to manage scars. Dermatix has developed it products, taking into account five important factors that affect how skin heals and how scars develop – age, skin types, body locations, scarring history and any wound type infections.

Dermatix offers three tube sizes for treatments, including the fifteen, thirty and sixty gram. They also recognize that scars can come in bigger sizes, creating clear and fabric type silicon sheets. These address scars that are big, raised, unfaded, dark, red, painful, itchy, uncomfortable, restrictive and ugly. Their products are currently recommended by some specialists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons for scar reduction. Though their products cannot remove scars completely, they can help in relieving the appearance, sensitivity and colour of the scars for a more favourable appearance for people stuck with scars. All of their products can be applied to most body areas, including the skin, joints and face.