If you are interested in dating Asian girls or guys, you can do that for free using the website called Dateinasia. With a simple interface, the dating site allows men and women to connect from various parts of the world. While the site’s main focus is on Asian countries, there are members from other continents too.

What makes this site fun is its versatility. You can find young girls looking for casual partners, or can find middle aged women looking for serious relationships. In case you are a woman, you can find countless hot guys and sexy men who are ready to date you. The website allows a user to upload one profile picture. The picture must contain only face, or face and shoulders; full body shots are not allowed. Note that the search feature is extremely convenient to use. Whether you want to specify an age range, or want to date girls or guys from a particular country, the smart search can help.

In addition, you can know who is online and who is not by looking at their profile pictures. Online status is indicated with the help of a small green dot in front of the username of a member. While using the search feature, you can see a member’s profile picture, username, age, city, and country. Unlike commercial dating websites, the dating process of this website is not managed by the website team. Other than taking care of the technical aspects, the site moderators do not do much else.

There are no membership options. The site is free to use for all. In order to get a little revenue, the website team uses ads, which appear in between contents. That can be a bit annoying at times. However, even then, this site is much better compared to many other dating sites in the sense that it allows its users to search people limitlessly without even having to sign up! In fact, if you wish, you can open the profiles of members who seem interesting without signing up too. However, in case you want to message someone, you need to log in first. One truly unique aspect of Dateinasia is the thumbnails displayed above a profile. That is, when you are looking at a particular person’s profile, the site will show you a row of pictures of other members. You can click any of the pictures to know more. That makes navigation extremely easy.

In short, this site is useful for dating, making friends, networking, as well as for other purposes. However, since it is not moderated, many fake profiles are likely to exist. So if you want to use it, go ahead, but be sure to act smart.


 Dating has always been a key part of our existence. Men and women are considered to be the different sides of the same coin and probably that is what excites us about the other sex. Dating, conventionally started in colleges, neighborhoods and offices. However, with the passage of time and the advent of information technology, dating has changed itself in a huge way and the very mediums of dating have changed. Now the most common medium of dating is online dating.

These dating sites have many Asian clients too and due to the increasing number of Asian clients, there has propped up an entirely new dating site called the This dating site is however, not restricted to Asians only and anybody can use this dating site. However, this dating site provides an emphasis on the Asians. This dating site although, is way ahead of its contemporaries, as it has many distinct advantages. To start with this dating site not only helps you in finding a date, it also helps in finding a friend for you. Thus, this dating site is pretty different from others, as it has a positive outlook towards both dating and friendship.

Secondly, both the males as well as females can join the dating site and find out the right matches for them. Many of the dating sites have been type casted either as for male singles or for female singles.

Last but not the least, this dating site, is absolutely free for people and there is no charge for dating too. Thus, it is high time that Asian singles or anybody on this planet who has an attachment to the Asians, must lookout for their soul mates on

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