Rencontre sportive

Previously known as Elfetc, and now as RencontreSportive, this platform is not your regular dating platform. The website promotes dating, sure; but with a twist. It has an interface which allows people who are interested in different sports to show their passion to the world. The site, launched in the spring of 2002, is pretty direct in that regard, and it targets the French population.

The beauty of this site is that no matter what type of sport you are interested in, as long as the sport is a bit adventurous, you will get plenty of others who will be passionate about the same. For instance, there are thousands of members who love skating, and many who love camping. There are others who are crazy about swimming, hiking, canoeing and many other sports. This website is not about finding matches using superficial information, instead, it is about finding sports partners with whom you can have the time of your life. Currently, the site has nearly 25,000 males, and about the same females.

In terms of features offered, this site is not very packed. Still, there is enough to get by, however. You can browse classified ads, explore different profiles of the members, read articles related to dating or holidays in general, and do some other fun stuff. Even though not the most feature-oriented site in France, it still does a good job of keeping the users occupied. RencontreSportive, for the most part, is a significantly enjoyable platform for those who are looking for fun, friendly and understanding sport mates.

In order to become a member, you have to complete a registration process – a standard practice implemented by all dating sites. The process is very easy to follow, and does not engulf a significant chunk of your time. You can quickly complete some quick details, and start using the site to meet other members. There is a member search option too, which is very versatile. You can set many different preferences. Also, you can either search from among all the members, or from among only the males or the females.

This platform is not really a dating platform in a true sense. People use it to find travel mates, friends, activity partners and many different types of relations. Whatever that may be, one thing is certain – it sure can be a lot of fun if you know how to tap into its immense potential.


Vietnamese dating industry may seem pretty small from the outside, but from the inside, the competition seems fierce. Among the most popular Vietnamese dating sites, VietnamCupid certainly occupies a spot. Launched by the popular Cupid Media a few years ago, the site promises to show the world some of the hottest Vietnamese females in the world.

This site is best for men looking to date women of Vietnamese origin. This website has plenty of gorgeous, smart and likeable women as its members. Most men who use this site on a regular basis report to find success over a short period of time. However, sometimes, landing a date may prove to be a tough call though. Overall, the quality and versatility of women found in this site are pretty good. You may use this dating platform if you are a man living in Vietnam. It works if you are presently living somewhere else too.

You can browse the website in four different languages – English, Vietnamese, Dutch and Danish. As far as contact options go, you can send mails, receive mails and make or accept video calls. When the other person is online, you can chat in real-time, too. The website has an appealing interface created for mobile phone, so using it on the go is really painless. The overall style is good enough to not disappoint anyone, and the colors seem bright and cheery. The fonts look pretty pleasing too for the most part. In addition, user-friendliness seems toward the high side.

VietnamCupid is mainly a dating arena that promotes memberships. You can use the site without paying anything too, but you will most likely not have a great experience that way. You have the ability to create your profile, browse members, and initiate interest as a free member of the site. In order to unlock features like video call, you have to pay. The method of registration is pretty simple, so you can expect to complete everything within a minute or less. Of course, adding more details about you is possible. That is, if you prefer to do so.

All in all, even though this platform is not one of the most exceptional in the dating industry, yet it is not something you should pass either. The quality of girls is really nice, if not amazing. So, if you are a man trying to land a hot Vietnamese girlfriend, wife or casual partner, give this site a try.

Urban social

Urbansocial has completed more than 10 successful years on the internet. Launched in the year 2003, this UK-based dating site has grown unbelievably large over the years. Whether you are in Bristol, London or somewhere else, as long as you are sociable enough, this site will do you much good.

The website has a large number of profiles. If you are a female, you will find many successful, hot and caring men. In case you are a male, you will find thousands of absolutely gorgeous, bubbly, and smart women. The thing is, in this site, everybody wins! Also, since most profiles are really detailed, including information about hair color, favorite movie, vacation preference, and much more, finding a match is much easier in this site; at least, compared to other sites that do not encourage the members to enter a lot of details. You will mostly find people from the UK, but there are many members who belong to other ethnicities and backgrounds too.

This is a site which keeps track of many events, along with providing good dating service. There is a section dedicated to providing news and dating advice too, and that can get pretty interesting. Other than that, you can do a number of things that are found commonly in various dating platforms; such as contact others, upload multiple photos etc. Note that the site approves all profiles and photos, and therefore, sometimes you may end up encountering profiles that are fake or not reliable representatives of the actual person in question.

The main theme of Urbansocial is letting people connect with ideal matches without holding back. The site tries to make the whole dating thing as easy and straightforward as possible. Its efforts are evident in the registration process, which is painless, and in its overall interface, that shouts user-friendliness. The search feature is pretty good too, if not the best or most wonderful in the whole of the UK. Also, the website design seems really well-planned. The design, for the most part, is a combination of simplistic art and modern elements.

Is this the best dating website in the UK? Well, we really do not have a solid one-word answer to that. But, this site is definitely not one of those bad apples. In case you find some free time, create a profile and try it for a few hours. You will most probably not be disappointed.

Magic dating

A commitment of the Global Personals Limited UK, MagicDating happens to be one of the trending dating platforms. The website has the goal of matching its members with their perfect mates. Having thousands of singles ready to mingle, this website has been making news lately. Its simplicity being its most powerful weapon, the site aims to capture a significant market share in the coming years.

In this website, the quality of singles is satisfactory enough. But, do not expect to find models or angels here. Occasionally you will find profiles that look too good to be true, but not always. Most members are very real, and seem genuinely likeable. The site can be used for casual flings, serious relationships, as well as for heartfelt friendships. Ultimately, it is up to you why you use this site. Users get a good range of versatility too, and that is never a bad thing with any dating site.

The feature that we like the most in this site is its dedicated 24-hour customer support. Other than that, the website strives hard to ensure genuineness of its members, and that is remarkable in its own right. In addition, it is one of the very mobile-friendly sites, so even when you are on the go, you will be rolling! The site even has an extra section for those who are above 40, which is a unique feature. We are not sure why this site did not utilize a better-looking theme and layout though. Whatever their reason, we do not like how it looks at present all that much. In fact, we will go as far as to say that the appearance of the site is simply off-putting.

But then, even though MagicDating is not a site that is too easy on the eyes, it still has a quick and efficient 5-step registration process that we like. While a handful of features can be used free of charge, you need to pay or upgrade to a membership in order to use the better of the lot. For example, you must spend your dollars in case you want to chat, receive or send private messages, upload multiple pictures or video call.

Apart from the fact that this site has a style that basically sucks and that the limitations on free accounts are quite rigid, we think that it is pretty alright. The basic goal is to find ideal matches, and this site helps you do that better than most of its competitors. In the end, that is what counts.

Iranian personals

IranianPersonals claims to be one of the safest sites in the Muslim online dating industry. Given that the site has operated smoothly and continuously grown since its launch in 2001, the claim certainly seems legitimate. Mostly focusing on serious dating between Muslim singles, the site attempts to please the Iranian community.

The website has a very high number of singles, and that is good news for anyone thinking of giving it a try. There are many very conservative members, and some not so conservative ones. You can find Iranians from all over the world. Also, it does not matter where you are right now as long as you are interested in dating someone of the Iranian origin. The presence of large number of profiles ensures that you get at least a few good matches. For any dating site, its member base is the most important asset, and in that regard, this dating platform appears to be pretty strong.

Most features are offered free of charge. That is quite a new experience for us, as almost all dating sites these days strictly limit the use features for free. You can upload photos, create your profile, receive messages and browse profiles of others using a free account. At IranianPersonals, you can even send the first message without having to pay anything! The interface of the site is quite laid-back and very low-key. That is a good thing if you are someone who likes understated ways, but not so much if you are generally a loud person. The site is offered in English, French, Dutch and two more languages.

You can register within minutes. While in the process, you can choose to provide a lot of details about yourself if you wish to, but in case you want to skip some things, you are free to do so. As far as membership goes, you do not get very cheap options. However, the costs are not too high either. By industry standards, the charges that come with membership seem pretty reasonable, if not overly affordable.

We do not know whether this site is the largest network of Iranians or not, but the amount of attractive members it has is overwhelmingly large. So, in case you have plans to get involved in dating in near future, and want an Iranian partner for the same, give this site a try. Keep in mind that the platform is most suited for serious relationships and marriages.


Canadians who are into speed dating almost swear by FastLife these days, and that alone says a lot about the quality of the site. Since the site comes from the POF network, it is not surprising that it has gained so popular within so short a period. Fast Life Media seems to have taken it pretty far this time, for a good reason.

When you get involved with this site, you need not spend your time searching through endless profiles looking for a good match. You do not have to deal with fake profiles, useless chats, and restless waiting periods. With this site, those are things of the past. Now you get to go to live events and meet real people and have real interactions. Down to party and have fun? The site offers that all over Canada on a regular basis! Want to simply speed date? You get that too! Want some intimate event where you can make a move? Well, check!

Once you get an invitation to an event, and get to the venue, a host approaches you. You get all the details regarding what the night is about and other things. After that, it is up to you where you take it. Most members meet at least 10 potential partners in any event. Even if you do not find any good match in an event, which is very unlikely, you are still going to enjoy the event and have loads of good memories. In case you seem to hit it off well with someone, you can request the host to connect you with that special match for future involvements. It is that easy! Really.

The FastLife registration process can feel a bit lengthy, because frankly, it is lengthy. That does not mean you will have to spend hours or anything, just a few minutes will do. But, since this site is all about making real connections physically and not just about sitting in your own room with your pajamas, providing a good amount of details about yourself is the least you can do. In case you have any questions, doubts, or concerns, you can get in touch with the website team by calling their dedicated number.

Thing is, it is rare to find dating websites that resemble what this site has to offer, even though there are over hundred well-known dating sites operating in Canada. Our advice? You better try it while the fun lasts!

Fast Impressions

You’ve heard the world First Impressions probably more than thousand times in your life. But today we are going to talk about something else: FastImpressions. What is that? That is a dating site. The site is a part of a network that operates across five countries. Managed by POF Media, this site is all about speed dating.

This website does not have member profiles in its database and such. Instead, what it does is it organizes many events in a number of cities and creates opportunities for singles to interact with attractive prospects in real life. The site claims to organize more than 100 events every month! The site, therefore, has quite an interesting concept. The dating platform has received applauses from the media, as well as from thousands of users. While some events tend to be intimate, many other events focus on just fun and party. The thing is, whatever your personality type is, you will find something suitable to keep you occupied. Although this site is focused on Australia, the network operates in four other countries: USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

When you visit a venue, you are greeted y a friendly host, who informs you about all that is going to happen. On a single day, you can meet about 11 or 12 attractive potential matches. The dates last for 8 minutes. That may not seem like a lot, but the duration is still enough to let you know which members are suitable for you and which are not. When you click it with someone well, you can let the organizers know to meet the person again in future! The idea is pretty straightforward and simple. It is like going to a friend’s birthday party and meeting new people.

FastImpressions requires quite a bit of details about you during the registration process, so keep that in mind. You cannot just expect to create your profile in seconds and be done with it. Since we are taking real interactions in real venues here, you need to provide a good amount of information about yourself. That totally makes sense. It is another thing to chat over the internet, and it is totally another to meet someone in real life in a buzzing room full of other people.

Overall, this site seems to be a totally great one, no matter from which direction you look at it. Not all dating sites have the guts to organize various lively events in more than 50 different cities every month!