Save money by opting for car hire a Ljubljana airport

Are you planning to visit Ljubljana for business purposes or traveling to the capital of Slovenia along with the members of your family for a vacation? For your information, the distance from the airport to the heart of the city is approximately 26 kilometers. You might end up spending a huge sum of money, which you could have otherwise used for purchasing gifts and souvenirs if you commute from the airport to the city center in a cab. You can easily save this sum by opting for the services of Vehicle Rent, a company that specializes in offering car hire at Ljubljana airport. Continue reading

Car hire at Dubrovnik airport – save money on transportation costs

If you have traveled to Dubrovnik before, you must be aware of the high costs involved in traveling in a cab. You can save a huge amount of cash by opting for the services of Vehicle Rent, a reputable car hire agency, which offers vehicle rental services in 75 countries. Apart from the cost of hiring the vehicle, which is insignificant, you only have to pay for the fuel costs incurred during your trip. Why do you not visit their website and check the costs involved when you opt for car hire at Dubrovnik airport? You start saving money immediately when you cover the significant distance between the airport and the center of the city. Continue reading

The best way to get to the city center from Ljubljana

Searching for transport from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport to the city center when you first arrive in Slovenia can be a real challenge. If you hop onto the first taxi you see, you may end up spending two or three times the normal fare. The best way to save money is to book in advance. This way, you can plan your travel ahead and not have to panic when arriving at the airport. The most affordable airport transfer company may not be present at the airport all the time, so it helps to book in advance.

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