Corazon Indomable

Corazón_indomableCorazon Indomable is a telenovela (Mexican) which is produced for Televisia by Nathalie Lartilleux. This is a romantic serial drama written by Ines Rodena and was broadcasted from February 25th (2013) to October 6th (2013) summing up to one hundred and sixty-episodes. This telenovela is a remake of Marimar (1994) and features Anna Brenda Contreras and Daniel Arenas as the protagonists. Rocio Banquells, Isadora Gonzalez, Ingrid Martz, ELizabath Alvarez, Carlos de la Mota and Rene Strickler play the antagonists. Spanish was the original language of this series.

This series was filmed in Mexico. The plot revolves around Maricruz Olivares (Anna Brenda Contreras) and Octavio (Daniel Arenas). Olivares lives in a shack with her maternal grandfather and deaf and mute Solita who was abandoned as a little child. She resides in the midst of nature. Near to her shack is the Narvaez’s ranch which is owned by the siblings Miguel and Octavio. This property stands mortgaged due to Miguel’s bad administration and when Octavio loses his job he intends to sell this property.

Things take turn when Octavio arrives here, learns about earth and falls in love with sowing and sharing .He meets Maricrus when he is roving around and gets struck by her sympathy and beauty while she was being mistreated by his foreman. He decides to marry Maricrus in order to teach Lucia (his sister-in-law) a lesson. But things fall apart when Octavio leaves for a job offer and Maricrus is trapped by Lucia and her cousin Esther which lands her up in jail. When freed she realizes the death of her grandfather and moves to the capital city with Solita to work with Alejandero who happens to be her father. But neither of them is aware of this and she gains his trust and love. This series shows Maricruz’s journey from a shack to becoming a high society women. Maricrus gets to know about her father and Octavio lands in the casino (where Maricrus in manager and host). It seems hard for him to imagine how his humble wife turned into an elegant woman.

This series was nominated in the Premios People en Espanol Awards in 2013.

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Dhoom 3 Full Movie

Dhoom-3Dhoom 3 is an Indian (Bollywood) action thriller produced Aditya Chopra and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. Dhoom 3 is the third movie in the popular Dhoom series, and is the most expensive Bollywood movie to date with a budget exceeding 20 million US Dollars, and is the top grossing Bollywood movie of all time.

Dhoom 3 is based in 1990 in the American city of Chicago and follows the lives of the characters after the Circus that they run cannot afford to repay its loans and is shut down by the bank.

As a resulting of the bank shutting the circus down and a friend committing suicide, the plot moves to the robbing of the banks to fund the development of the circus. After successfully robbing the offending bank and funding the circus, the crowd loves the new show. One of the tricks in the show allows the movie to reveal that the main character has an autistic brother which aided in ripping off the banks, and the brother who was initially thought to be injured in reality wasn’t.

The movie ends on a slightly grim note with the image of characters plummeting off a bridge that in itself is self-reflexive as the movie very early on revealed the notion of suicide. The bank is also forced to close a result of the heist. The circus is shown as having continued to go on, even without the brothers who were able to finance the resurgence of the circus.

Aamir Khan stars in Dhoom 3, and is one of the most successful Bollywood actors of all time. His experience and expertise shines through in his role as Sahir, and that allows the movie to be a true standout.

Dhoom 3 has strong characters, directing, and plot development that rival that of any indie or Hollywood movie today. The film has solid action and keeps the viewer hungry for more, and as a result captivates the audience with relative ease for the duration of the show. Overall a great movie with a solid meaning.