Jewelry That’s Made in the USA

Jewelry That’s Made in the USA

Not much is made in the USA these days. In fact, so little is made in the USA these days that it’s practically impossible to name a single thing that is regularly made in the USA. There are, however, many people who are making good attempts to start American-based production, to boost the economy and provide a fairer experience for their workers. Jewelry is one luxury market in which we see such a trend occurring. More and more people are producing jewelry inside the country’s borders.

Made in the USA: Some Jewelers to Check Out

There are a variety of jewelers working out of the states. Alex and Ani is a brand that creates eco-friendly, uplifting jewelry for those who want a break from more traditional styles of decoration. A number of similar vendors offer a wide variety of quality US handmade bangles. Places to check for such items include Bottlehood, an operation that makes jewelry from Bombay Sapphire Gin and Coca-Cola bottles; Cangles, which makes its jewelry from recycled soda bottles; and Color by Amber, where you can find a variety of collections ranging from metallics to grass and patterned designs, all made with eco-resin.

There are a variety of reasons to buy jewelry made in the US. For one, it’s economically friendly, and it’s ecologically friendly, as well. And, you’ll be supporting a US-based business, which is always good in these trying economic times. Those listed above are some of the best, most popular USA jewelers, who receive the best reviews and have the most repeat customers. They also, without a doubt, have some of the best jewelry you can find, especially in the way of earrings, bangles, and bracelets!

Another excellent place to look for jewelry made in the US is the online store Etsy. This is a place for people who design their own handmade goods to sell them for bids or for a set price. Etsy is quickly growing in popularity as one of the best places to get quality handmade goods, as it’s the only marketplace where people can sell such things. They are known especially for amazing bangles, masks, necklaces, and bracelets, often featuring unconventional designs and materials. You’ll do well to check this place out if you’re interested in handmade jewelry from the USA — you won’t be sorry!


Mens shoes for special events

Mens designer shoes for weddings or special events

By stocking stylish men’s designer dress shoes in classic colors such as black and brown in materials like suede and leather, Matador Shoes is the place to go when you want to get your men’s dress shoes cheap.

While we’ve decided that Matador is the place to go for men’s black dress shoes, there’s a real difficulty in choosing the right shoes for the right occasion.

The Balmoral is ideal for wearing with a suit. The less styled, and understated the better. Worn best with a suit, the Balmoral won’t often work with more casual clothing.

The Derby or Blucher is considered less dressy than the Balmoral and thus combine much better with a jacket and trousers or jeans than the Balmoral. There are many different styles that can change how a Blucher looks, but it’s distinguished from the Blamoral mainly by the lacing being outside the shoe.

Boot’s are predominantly meant to be worn during poorer weather, and should never be worn with a suit. Boots are still considered dress shoes for men but really only work with work with less formal wear such as trousers or jeans.

Loafers are designed for comfort and ease of wear. rarely worn with a suit for various reasons, these are the most casual form of men’s designer dress shoes you’ll find, and the ones that are more likely to be found on British tourists or those that work on or own boats.

Matador stocks lace up’s of various kinds, slip on’s  wedding shoes and dress shoes. All of them come in multiple materials and styles, giving you the freedom of choice to look how you want, without breaking the bank. With 30 separate types of shoe to choose from, any occasion and every formality is covered when you buy from matador. And if they don’t stock exactly what you’re looking for they can also make bespoke or custom shoes to a clients specifications.

Matador stocks all these kinds of shoes in many different fashions. The Pablo features a chisel toe and an etched design not often seen. Designed in Australia and made in Spain, the Pablo is a perfect example of the variety you’ll find at Matador, where new age style doesn’t mean you can’t get your men’s dress shoes cheap.

Upcoming Fashion Trends for Men For Spring 2014

With passing decades, we have witnessed some mind boggling trends in fashion. Especially for women, the range has been wide and every season has brought in varieties of fresh looks and every time, they look novel and different no matter how slight or considerable the similarities are. Colourful dresses, trendy outfits, varying lengths of mini-skirts or chic accessories, all look perfect with every season and people do not seem to get bored of staring at the pretty ladies in town. However, that is not the same case for the men? The range is limited, ranging from only a shirt or a tee, a trouser or three-fourths, a belt, a shoe and probably a hat or watch to go along.


Despite the limited accessories available at hand, some men do know how to pull off the perfect outfit for the season and look different every now and then. Fashion is not about what we wear stuff but how we mix our stuff and how we pull them off. For the coming summer, men can try out a sleeveless cotton shirt with a short jeans pant accompanied with a cool pair of Fast-track sunglasses and a bracelet. A sexy perfume adds to the persona of the man too. Also, men muscular men can show off a polo shirt with cargoes and few accessories on their wrists that make up for a comfortable wear and a cool dude. A cotton blazer can be worn over a V-neck tee that complements the skin colour and along with it; casual shoes like Converse should do the trick.


The spring season brings a lot of people to the showrooms and men are certainly not far behind when it comes to show off their elegance to the women. With men’s Tailored Clothing sales raising up the ladder year after year, many youngsters will look forward to sport coats to suits or formal blazers as it looks trendy and modern. Casual shirts are now also gaining considerable change with more creativity kicking in for button and thread colours. Bomber jackets and biker styles are common in use among men whereas, jackets with short sleeves have also found large ground in the market last year and predictably, this year too. The jackets too have a wide range to be chosen from, starting with leather, plastic, denim and so much more consisting of gloss and metallic colour variety. Spring also allows men to carry on clothes with variety of colours and that is why multi-coloured shirts, full sleeves or half sleeves, and sport coats are now in fashion. Most of them include landscape, check and camouflage sketches.


Apart from the mainstream wear, it is also crucial to look into the footwear to see if the match is good. Formal trousers can go well with polished Louis Vuitton and Lanvin brands. Also, shoes with laces from Gucci or Dior Homme are pretty popular among the youth. Classy informal wear is well sported by Emporia Armani and Canali brands.   Look out for urban couture clothing sites and blogs for new trends and clothing lines.

Fashion Buying Jobs

It is said that creativity is good for the soul.  Being creative with fashion is no different and there are many good fashion design jobs around.  Some of them are very well paid and there is a lot of competition from very talented people.  If you have decided that you want to work in the field of fashion, be prepared for long hours and a lot of disappointments before you make a breakthrough.   No matter how good you are, there will always be someone better.  If you target your designs at a preferred market, you will be more likely to be successful.  For example, you may like to look for fashion design jobs and fashion buying jobs which focus on the young and trendy, or on the older generation.  Much will depend on your disposition and interests.  As you go through your training, you will start to get a feel for your preference and put it into practice when you enter the work place.

Getting that first fashion design job or fashion buying job can be difficult.  You may have all of the qualifications you need, but no experience.  This is often the case in other fields, but perhaps jobs in the arts and design are more difficult to come by.  You will need to be persistent and keep sending your cv to every job which comes available which also fits your criteria.  Clearly you do not want to apply for jobs which do not really appeal to you, no matter what the salary and perks might be.  You will find openings in big corporations and small businesses.  You will need to hone your cv to suit each job you apply for.  Always do your research before attending any interview and be prepared to answer difficult questions.  You should always ask about the company and its operations and be prepared to talk with enthusiasm about your aims when you have got your fashion design job or fashion buying job.

Once you have got your foot in the door at whatever size or type of company, strive to be the best you can be.  Keep up to date with trends and try to foresee changes in tastes and trends.  This can be difficult to spot, but you will be able to do it with experience.  If you are in a fashion design job, it is very important to keep one step ahead of what people might like and do your drawings and prototypes accordingly.  Check out trends abroad.  Italy and France are the favourites for the fashion field and there are big shows in Rome and Paris as well as London.  Keeping up with the Jones´s is definitely beneficial in the world of fashion – and even getting ahead of them.  If your company is small, it may not be able to afford to attend the big shows, but there will be other opportunities to show your work and make an impact.  One of the most important things is that you have fun… fashion is a fun subject!

For fashion buying jobs visit Talisman Fashion


Shoulder length hairstyles 2015

The shoulder length hairstyle is not just hot but one of the hottest hairstyle trends that is being used of recent. Ladies know it like hairstyle in the shoulder length style. The chop as its being called, is the perfect hair length that doesn’t fall too long or hangs too short. It’s the shoulders cut you get when you’re sick of long hair.  Are you sick of having long hair and tired of stress? Then the chop off style is perfect for you.  It’s now a common hairstyle among ladies and women, they love keeping it not too short and not too long, but a shoulder lengthen styles as its now worn by so many celebrities  the  shoulder  length hairstyle.

Models, actresses and singers soon followed suit and chopped their long hair to shoulder length. Most likely because shoulder length hair is simply the most versatile, flattering hair length on all face types and for all hair textures that makes it one of the busiest and prettiest look for women. The key to the perfect shoulder length cut is simply in the length. It can’t be too long or too short and looks good when it just hits at the collarbone or a bit above.

Explains by stylist Harry Josh The finish should appear blunt but should not look like its blunt, as blunt looks cheap. You textures ends with maybe a feather razor so the line appears clean, but there is actually a lot of movement in it. Too much of a block, and it looks heavy. It has been on the market trend for past years now but the really problem we have with women and the question here is how long will it reach for it to get to its fading  date because women are known  by changes in hairstyles, not frequently but mostly frequently.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most popular festival and people wait for the festival because they get chance to wear different kind of costume. People do find it special to wear unique Halloween costumes on the occasion. There are competition related to the costumes on the Halloween day and the one who wears best costumes wins the award. Before awarding any particular person many factors are considered like the religion or values.

Costumes need to be decided by an individual and once you decide with your portray then you go move on and start choosing the best costume for you. The themes can be scary, sexy or spooky according to your wish. The themes can be represented by many costumes like: it can be a ghost look, Elvis look alike, evil emperors, animals, pirates, etc. But there should be kind of originality and uniqueness in your theme in order to get praised. You can easily achieve the type of quality by wearing the costumes of werewolves, vampires and lycans. If the theme of the party is scary then you have the option to wear the costumes of zombie’s, dangerous animals or ghosts. There can also be the themes like seventy’s or eighty’s for which you need to wear clothes of that particular era and look like them. You can be cartoon characters or may be the superheroes like superman, batman or ironman. So, these all things purely depend on your wish and you have it decide your costume and theme which should be more original and creative because unique costumes are praised everywhere. While buying the costume you should also not buy expensive clothes because we all know the clothes we are buying is to be worn just for a day after which it would be kept aside for the next year.

How to Stretch Your Shoes Out For the Perfect Fit

Shoes are really important for a woman. We always go shopping for clothes and shoes. Sometimes it is the last pair of a specific pair of shoes that the department store has. It might be a half size to small or too big, but we always say it fits well. After we purchase it and take it home is when we realize it might have been a little to snug at our fingers tips or towards the middle. We get so disappointed that we decide not to wear them for a while.

We always look forward to that day when we will be able to fit them. There is a couple of ways to make your shoes bigger. We can take them to a shoe repair shop. But, if you take them there just know that you will be paying quite a few dollars. Instead of that being your first resort we will show you one way to expand your snug shoes.

This method is really easy and anyone can do it. Some of the materials you will need are a plastic sandwich bag, water and your shoe. These materials are really important to have in order to achieve your goal. Make sure that putting your shoes in the freezer is ok with your family. This process will help your shoes expand so they won’t be tight anymore. Also, it will help your shoes grow like half a size or even one whole size.

To get started we will need to grab our plastic bag and fill it with water. Make sure you take all the air out of your bag and zip it. Hold the bag up and make sure it’s not licking as you do not want your shoe to get all wet. Grab your shoe and place the Ziploc bag in the shoe. Make sure that the Ziploc bag is all the way in the front of the shoe. After you insure it is place the shoe in the freezer. Let the shoe in the freezer overnight and take it out in the morning. When you take the shoe out let it sit for about 30 minutes for the ice to melt or as soon as you can take the bag out.

Now that you have finished, try your shoe on and it should fit perfectly. If it is still a little too tight repeat the steps again till you feel your shoe comfortable. Remember to check the bag for any drips and secure it tightly. This process only takes about ten minutes and it is not hard at all. Enjoy your new comfortable shoes. Till next time!

Wendy is co-founder at Visit Your Beauty Marks for more beauty and fashion tips.

Medium haircuts for fine hair 2015


Ideal Haircuts for Fine Hair 2015

There are haircuts for fine hair that are simple to maintain, and if you can create an excellent long handles that style eventually and in time fix if that clump grows longer and lose shape. Several haircuts for fine hair give you always ready to go style. These haircuts are satisfying for maintenance. Bangs are very trendy lately since they are a modern way of shaping facial hair. Even though it is chancy, you will look different if you cut simply bangs. They are best if you tedious of transforming all the time hairstyles and if you desire something to modify however do not have the guts to cut all the hair. Settle on haircuts for fine hair 2013, such as straight bangs, cropped bangs at an angle, layered bangs that keeps on the full length hair, short ones that make up to half of the forehead, or those that roughly catches the eye.

Don’t allow your fine texture to generate a limp look. Blow up the volume with a layered, short bob. With this style, you would like to show off your usual texture, and layers are the means to persuading more waves to appear. Maintain hair at chin-length or shorter, as longer hair is bigger and not in a suitable, voluminous way.

The chin-length crop is ideal for fine hair that could gain from a volume breakthrough. Adding bangs is an extra easy technique to put a spark in the looks. To generate an illusion of thickness, ask the stylist to maintain the length full and rounded, without layering. Evade tools like razors and texture shaves. Nevertheless, trivial layers around the face can complement your appearance. Use a round brush to increase added boost at the crown while styling. If cut to one length, coarse hair can get full and weighty. A rounded cut runs the possibility of twisting into a triangular style, with excessive hair at the bottom. The added weight can also transform your hair to fall flat. Your cut should comprise loads of layers and the stylist should refines hair to get rid of a few of the bulk that crops up due to the coarse nature of your tresses.

The evolution of female leather footwear

Shoes have been a part of a woman’s fashion statement for a long time. A bond between the women of today is well known to the world. Footwear fashion nowadays is about presenting oneself. Fashion will keep coming around and for any woman looking to change their shoe style and add some touch to their collection of leather shoes, its time to look around and consider the current and upcoming designs. The oldest form of footwear crafted is the sandal. It is still popular today as it was years ago. Today a woman’s closet would not look the same without a colorful and artful display of leather shoes in different styles. Leather footwear has evolved through the years with the study of human behavior including taste and preference. The manufacturing industry continues to evolve to meet the demands of diverse cultures around the world. Women leather shoes have become one of the most popular items in a woman’s wardrobe. A large percentage of the female population around the world, own more than one pair of leather shoes.

Leather shoe styles have a history though they contain the same ingredients but are presented in different ways. Women leather footwear became more sophisticated in the 1950s but today’s fashion is a mixture of vintage styles. These styles include the many forms and types of footwear that have hit the fashion market. The type of shoes a woman wears today says a lot about them and has a touch of class and style attached to it. For example the heels have become a part of every woman’s fashion statement. With the emergence of influential fashion designers, the industry of leather footwear has taken off as an industry. Many famous actresses of Hollywood have been known for their obsession with these designer shoes. It is every woman’s dream today to own at least a pair of nice and pricy leather shoes.

When it comes to shopping for a good pair of leather shoes, as a woman you have to consider a few things including the health of your feet in regard to the material used in making the shoes, the best leather or the original version of the material and of course the designer. In today’s fashion world, women rarely look at those factors as long as the name of the desired designer appears on the commodity. Heels have been known to have a sexual connotation attached to them since the 20th century. The now trendy woman believes that it is a must have and have become an integral part of them as well as a social status. The need to have different types of leather shoes for every woman is brought about by the fact that every occasion they attend deserves a type of style.

The female leather footwear varies from colors, style, designer, age, occasion, season among others. With the current trends in place, there is a variety to suit every woman’s unique style. From sandals to flat boots, high heeled pumps and the recent suede leather shoes that can be found online, it can only be said that the leather footwear fashion continues to evolve but in a few ways has still remained the same. When it comes to leather shoes, it is much more than just footwear.

Hairstyles for thin hair 2015

THE MOST POPULAR ONES IN 2015 – Tips, styles, and more!

The world of fashion never stops upgrading, changing and developing, and sometimes, keeping up with that sort of pace can be quite challenging, particularly when it comes to hairstyles and haircuts that are on the forefront of the latest trends.

When it comes to hairstyles for fine hair, One can’t help but noticing and emphasizing that this 2013 has been bearer of many stylistic innovations in this area, with actresses, models and celebrities that have inspired the direction to follow in this category.

Many girls with a somewhat fine or slightly thin quality of hair seek to counterbalance the effect with a hairstyle that can be much more full bodied and rich, giving more brightness and volume to the hair.

One of the best methods used by the girls with very thin hair is to arrange their hair in curls, so as to increase the mass and the volume of the entire hairstyle with excellent results, to say the least. On the other side of the spectrum, many people prefer instead to address the problem with a solution that is practically at the opposite poles: shortening the hair and giving more space to their lineaments, leaving the hair act as a frame for am attractive and seductive look.

A little advice: hair with a really clear color and tone (such as blond, light brown…) usually tend to look even thinner and less voluminous. If you have clear hair, and you are trying to make your hair appear more substantial and thick, you can certainly try to dye your hair with a darker tone as the dark brown, dark red or black, colors that help to give an effect “full” to your hair!

Another very useful solution to be able to add as much volume as possible to your hair without having to recur to dramatic remedies (such as the extensive and damaging use of products) is simply to try to arrange your hairstyle so as to frame the face and distribute the mass of hair in a way that it is divided in a homogeneous frame. Avoiding bangs and similar things helps to give a better outlook and more volume to the hair in general, giving the effect of fullness and harmony which blends well with a very fine quality of hair  , even in the case where a specific look is based on light or reddish shades. In a few words, there really is a lot you can do to donate more volume to your haircut! Just experiment and see what fits better with your frame!