How to open a bank account for company registration in Slovenia?

As probably in any other country, bank account is required for company registration in Slovenia. Many individuals and businessmen wonder how to open a company in Slovenia, but many may not know a lot about the technical prerequisites and that a business bank account is also required if you want to start a business in Slovenia. But this probably also applies to many other countries, including the countries from which such businessmen come from. However, processes differ from a country to a country so it is recommended for everyone to check the basic requirements for company registration in Slovenia.

There is only one way of how to open a company in Slovenia and it always includes opening of a bank account

You cannot complete company registration in Slovenia without adding a bank account number to the application. The systems are connected so you can just go to a bank of your preference, open the type of a bank account you prefer and, by the time you get to the relevant administration office for company registration in Slovenia, the information will already be available for the clerk to use in the application. All the banks in Slovenia provide suitable bank accounts and/or packages for businesses, with some banks standing out with their special prices for small businesses and self-employed persons who are also considered to be companies in Slovenia. Continue reading