Dating for parents

Owned by Cupid PLC, DatingforParents is a dating website specifically for those single parents who are too busy with their kids to have time for their own. In this platform, single mothers and single fathers are encouraged to not keep their personal life on hold. Instead, they are expected to let love find its way.

The website has members from all around the world, and unless you are located somewhere very remote, finding likeable single parents of the opposite sex near you should not be a problem. There are young parents, there are middle-aged parents, and there are also some old parents who are members of the site. Therefore, no matter how old you are, you are very likely to find someone like-minded with the help of this platform. Dating is not an easy feat to tackle for single parents, but this site strives hard to make the whole thing easy and manageable.

DatingforParents offers a number of good features for its users. There is the option to engage in live chats with those who seem to fancy you or vice versa. In case you feel a strong connection with someone, you can even decide to do a video call to have intimate private talk session. The website allows the users to upload multiple photos, in order to make their profile rich and attractive. The color scheme is nothing too bold, but the understated look is quite pleasing to the eyes. As far as user-interface goes, almost all aspects seem finely tuned.

This site has been designed in such a way that there is no wastage of time. The registration process does not take a long while to complete. Moreover, the profiles seem quite rich with useful information. Many websites allow users to include useless information in their profiles that do not play any role when it comes to mate selection. Fortunately, this one is not like that. You get limited information about a member, but what you get is worth knowing. That is where this website scores high compared to other similar platforms for single parents.

We are not inclined to declare this site as the best site for meeting other single parents. However, we do realize that the site is very secure and has a huge number of members. Therefore, we are going to recommend it fully to anyone who is interested in starting his or her dating life again.


ChristianMingle is one of the finest dating websites for those Christians who believe in God and abide by Christian values. It is a community of like-minded Christians that is managed by the Spark Network, USA. The website presently has hundreds of thousands of active members, and the site is growing day by day.

It is essentially a dating network for those who have high regard for Christian ways. If you are not someone who follows Christian values and teachings, this website is probably not the best place for you to be in. However, if you are someone who does his or her part as a Christian, you will very likely feel at home after you join it. The good part is that this site is very versatile. By that, we mean that there are people from different ethnicities, age groups, countries etc. Your potential partner options, therefore, are almost unlimited.

As far as its features go, you get an instant messenger, various chat rooms, and message boards. The site also flashes a Bible verse every day. In addition, there is an option using which you can search the Bible online. Overall, when it comes to providing useful ways to connect, ChristianMingle seems like a pretty good place. The website design is remarkably well for the kind of site it is, and the colors and the fonts look very good, as well. The site claims itself to be very safe, and frankly, we feel that the claim is true every bit.

The site even has a safety section and a help section. Those sections help new users understand online dating deeply. The registration process is a breeze too, and searching for other members using specific criteria is an option that comes very handy at times. This is one of those rare Christian dating sites that actually regard Christian ways very highly from multiple angles. What we love about this site is the fact that it is actually a hub for practicing Christians, and not just another useless regular dating site in disguise.

Overall, this dating website is a platform that ensures great user interface. It seems like one worth spending time on. Whether it is suitable for your particular case or not, only you will be able to tell that after using it. However, as far as our opinion goes, we think that it is one of those websites that deserve appreciation and attention.

Elmaz is not the largest dating site of the UK, but it is now definitely bigger than what it used to be a while back. The website is all about encouraging people to find their love in an online environment. Men and women from the UK who are 18 or older can join the site.

The one thing that we like the most about the site’s member base is that you can find many members of any age range you want. If you want seniors, the site has seniors. If you want young girls, the site has plenty. If you want matured men above 40, the site will not disappoint you either. In terms of background, the members seem very versatile too. There are adventurers, nature lovers, music enthusiasts and every other type of person you can imagine. It is not the busiest site though, and that is one of its biggest disadvantages. The rate of addition of new members is quite slow too.

In terms of features offered, Elmaz is good enough to satisfy most people, however. For instance, there is a feature that lets you vote other people and be voted. You can search members using a number of criteria. You can view who is online and who is not, too. Since this site is a totally free site, there are advertisements here and there that can hamper the user experience a bit. Note that there are top charts to make the whole site more engaging.

The process of registration is a very straightforward one. You can be up and running within a very short time. Note that in order to search for members using age range or location, registration is not actually necessary. However, if you want to see detailed profile of various members, then you have got to register. Also, making a profile picture bigger is not possible if you are not logged in. For a completely free website, this one looks pretty good. As it goes without saying, there are no membership options. So you can safely keep your credit card inside your pocket.

The thing with free dating websites is that most cannot make it big or run for a long duration. This one seems promising, but lacks a huge number of members at this point. Only time will tell how far this site will go! For now however, there is no harm in testing it by making a profile.

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Grouper dating

Grouper is the name of ultimate fun. Love to dare? Love to have crazy fun, even at the cost of looking ridiculous? Then the site is exactly for you! Started back in 2011 in Downtown, New York, the fun site is now one that has facilitated over 500,000 drinks. Over 96 percent of people who once visit an event organized by the site want to visit another event!

This is not one of those extremely predictable sites where you sign up once and count the stars later. This site is a completely different animal. It is something that lets you meet people in real life. You bring 2 of your friends, and the 3 of you are introduced to a group of 3 new people. After getting familiar with each other, it is time to be crazy together. The event organizers specially take care of the right ratio of male and female, so you need not worry about getting stuck somewhere you do not want to be.

When you join a Grouper event, first of all, you get to meet your new friends in a bar or lounge. After that, you are served free shots of drinks! Well, there is a registration fee of $20 per person, but that is the only thing you have to pay. Note that you do not get invitation to an event right way after registering, because many applications remain pending on a typical day. Do not be too impatient. Hold your breath after you apply, and let time do the rest.

In an event organized by the site, you will have fun, you will face many dares, you will tell 2 truths and 1 lie, and do loads of other fun stuff. An event may be crazy, wild, astonishing, surprising or even ridiculous, but never ever boring! These events are all about compelling you to have so much wild fun that you have no way but to be a bit hung over during the work the next day! These events are about being alive, and going out of your comfort zone to push the limits. All the while, having fun!

If you hate fun and want to sit in front of the computer whole day surfing through the profile pictures of different members of the opposite sex, then you are better off doing just that. But, if you love to party and be alive with your friends, as well as strangers, this site is exactly where you need to be.

Dinner dates

Having completed 25 glorious and successful years, DinnerDates is not a newbie in the dating scene at all. What it is, however, is an excellent dating opportunity for anyone who wants to have some company. Actually, the site organizes events all around London to help singles socialize with new people. Every month, nearly a dozen of different events are organized.

At any event, you will find lots of potential partners. Sometimes, the dating platform organizes golf events, and during some other times, it puts life to a party. There are still other times when all you will have to face is a fancy dinner inside a romantic restaurant. The variety is what keeps the platform buzzing, roaring and succeeding. It does not matter what your age is, because people of all age groups come to events organized by DinnerDates. Who knows, you can find someone who has the exact same interests as you!

Joining in the fun is extremely easy. You either give out your email address, or decide to make a call. There is an option in the website which allows you to receive a call too, with just a single click! As far as the interface of the website is concerned, ‘catchy’ is the right word. The colors are quite easy on the eyes, and so are the fonts. It is a beautifully designed website, with all sorts of important links spread all over the area. There are sections for holidays, events, articles, FAQs etc. too.

Meeting new people with this platform is plain vanilla. You just attend an event, get introduced to everyone by the host, and then decide whether to meet someone again or not. In case you are interested in meeting someone again, you can do so easily. That is because after you attend an event, the organizer calls you to ask you if there is anyone you would like to meet again. In case both the parties seem interested to meet each other, phone numbers are given out. There is no intrusion in privacy, and there is no pressure. The whole environment of an event is especially crafted to make sure that there is no awkwardness.

All things considered, it is a very good platform for those who are interested in real-life interactions. Simply looking at the computer screen and browsing through different member profiles gets pretty boring very fast. This platform is not boring at all. It is for those who love to have fun.


Full-figured men and women often find the mainstream dating websites to be a bit too much to handle. That is because most mainstream dating sites assume that everyone is thin, which is not the case at all. With that in mind, to provide large and beautiful people a suitable dating platform, LargerDate was created.

In this website, you can find many big and beautiful men and women. Most women look absolutely stunning with their gorgeous lady-like curves. This site is one of the very few sites that celebrate the curve-rich body of women. The great thing is, even though the dating platform is specifically based on the UK, it has a great versatility of users in terms of race, ethnicity, color etc. You can find beautiful women who are younger than 25 years, or you can find strong big men who are over 40, or anybody else you prefer! In terms of user hobbies and personalities, the variety you get is truly commendable too.

Feature-wise, this is one of the richest sites that focus on big and beautiful people. There is a special two-way matching system to make things interesting. In addition to that, anybody can take full advantage of the search option without even having to register. Yes, you heard that right. You can search for members using narrow preferences without logging in. You can open profiles of different persons, and even zoom in a member’s photos without signing in! There is a help section that contains important information, and you have the option to tell a friend about your discovery too. LargerDate also has a truly likeable interface that is not only easy to figure out, but also a breeze to use.

Registration costs nothing, and is very quick and easy. The process, in fact, is one that you can complete in a matter of seconds, not even minutes! The great thing about this site is that everyone is so enthusiastic. The profiles are rich with details and most members have at least two pictures in their profile. The whole ambience, as you can understand, is really fascinating, upbeat and fun.

Even though this dating arena is quite new compared to some of the well-established sites, it has an appeal that cannot be matched by any other site. There is also a special section that aims to help out those who have no prior experience with online dating. Overall, it is a site worth visiting.

Rencontre sportive

Previously known as Elfetc, and now as RencontreSportive, this platform is not your regular dating platform. The website promotes dating, sure; but with a twist. It has an interface which allows people who are interested in different sports to show their passion to the world. The site, launched in the spring of 2002, is pretty direct in that regard, and it targets the French population.

The beauty of this site is that no matter what type of sport you are interested in, as long as the sport is a bit adventurous, you will get plenty of others who will be passionate about the same. For instance, there are thousands of members who love skating, and many who love camping. There are others who are crazy about swimming, hiking, canoeing and many other sports. This website is not about finding matches using superficial information, instead, it is about finding sports partners with whom you can have the time of your life. Currently, the site has nearly 25,000 males, and about the same females.

In terms of features offered, this site is not very packed. Still, there is enough to get by, however. You can browse classified ads, explore different profiles of the members, read articles related to dating or holidays in general, and do some other fun stuff. Even though not the most feature-oriented site in France, it still does a good job of keeping the users occupied. RencontreSportive, for the most part, is a significantly enjoyable platform for those who are looking for fun, friendly and understanding sport mates.

In order to become a member, you have to complete a registration process – a standard practice implemented by all dating sites. The process is very easy to follow, and does not engulf a significant chunk of your time. You can quickly complete some quick details, and start using the site to meet other members. There is a member search option too, which is very versatile. You can set many different preferences. Also, you can either search from among all the members, or from among only the males or the females.

This platform is not really a dating platform in a true sense. People use it to find travel mates, friends, activity partners and many different types of relations. Whatever that may be, one thing is certain – it sure can be a lot of fun if you know how to tap into its immense potential.


Vietnamese dating industry may seem pretty small from the outside, but from the inside, the competition seems fierce. Among the most popular Vietnamese dating sites, VietnamCupid certainly occupies a spot. Launched by the popular Cupid Media a few years ago, the site promises to show the world some of the hottest Vietnamese females in the world.

This site is best for men looking to date women of Vietnamese origin. This website has plenty of gorgeous, smart and likeable women as its members. Most men who use this site on a regular basis report to find success over a short period of time. However, sometimes, landing a date may prove to be a tough call though. Overall, the quality and versatility of women found in this site are pretty good. You may use this dating platform if you are a man living in Vietnam. It works if you are presently living somewhere else too.

You can browse the website in four different languages – English, Vietnamese, Dutch and Danish. As far as contact options go, you can send mails, receive mails and make or accept video calls. When the other person is online, you can chat in real-time, too. The website has an appealing interface created for mobile phone, so using it on the go is really painless. The overall style is good enough to not disappoint anyone, and the colors seem bright and cheery. The fonts look pretty pleasing too for the most part. In addition, user-friendliness seems toward the high side.

VietnamCupid is mainly a dating arena that promotes memberships. You can use the site without paying anything too, but you will most likely not have a great experience that way. You have the ability to create your profile, browse members, and initiate interest as a free member of the site. In order to unlock features like video call, you have to pay. The method of registration is pretty simple, so you can expect to complete everything within a minute or less. Of course, adding more details about you is possible. That is, if you prefer to do so.

All in all, even though this platform is not one of the most exceptional in the dating industry, yet it is not something you should pass either. The quality of girls is really nice, if not amazing. So, if you are a man trying to land a hot Vietnamese girlfriend, wife or casual partner, give this site a try.

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